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D16Z6 Transmission On Sale

The D16Z6 VTEC engine used a 5-speed transmission when for sale in Honda vehicles. Both the Civic and Del Sol are two vehicles that relied on manual shift controls. The high performance motors work really well with the non-automatic gearboxes. Someone who plans to swap an assembly can take advantage of the D16Z6 transmission sale that is ongoing here at Powertrain Guys. S40 Gearboxes in Stock Honda Motor Company used …Read More

NV4500 Transmission for Sale

NV4500 is a manual transmission found for sale in Dodge and GM trucks. This 5-speed assembly entered the automotive industry in the 1995 year. It was built by the New Venture Gear company, and meant for installation into light-duty diesel trucks. What is excellent news for a consumer hoping to find an NV4500 transmission for sale is that these units are still available. PTG has these for a good price …Read More

Cadillac Escalade 6.2 Engine for Sale

The 6.2 is a V8 engine marketed for sale Escalade SUV vehicles by Cadillac. The first installation of this series was the 2007. GM was working on its new class of motors that included a larger displacement and tremendous power improvement. The use of the LS series variants continues to this day with all late models offering the latest version. A Cadillac Escalade 6.2 engine for sale is what can …Read More

4.9 Liter Cadillac Engine for Sale

The 4.9 is a High Technology engine found for sale in Cadillac cars. This V8 block is one of the early models prior to the development of the Northstar family. Car owners appreciated the effort by General Motors to produce a high performance block without the typical fuel mileage decrease found in competitor vehicles. Inventory here includes a 4.9 liter Cadillac engine for sale at an honest price. Production began …Read More

Tacoma 3.4 Engine for Sale

A 3.4 found in Tacoma trucks is a V6 engine block first for sale in the year 1995. This unit was meant for 4WD vehicles. The first generation of production was an integral time period for the medium-duty truck series in the United States. While in direct competition with Ford and Chevrolet, the Toyota engineers went to work building a great block for consumers to appreciate. A Tacoma 3.4 engine …Read More

ISB 6.7 Cummins Engine for Sale

The 6.7 is one diesel engine by Cummins found often for sale in Ram and International trucks. This block is a cast iron build that is called a straight six or I6 assembly. People find it placed inside most medium-duty truck types that were built after the 2007 year. Since these units are still in production, an ISB 6.7 Cummins engine is for sale right here at PTG online. Cummins …Read More

Chevy Cavalier Z24 Engine for Sale

Z24 trim Cavalier cars used I4 and I6 engine blocks when for sale at Chevy. The first phase of domestic manufacturing commenced in 1989. Changes to the platform included an improvement over the base level motor package. Apart from the interior options, drivers appreciated the performance of the Z class. A replacement Chevy Cavalier Z24 engine for sale is part of the inventory supplied on this website. Specs for the …Read More

Nissan Frontier 3.3 Engine for Sale

3.3 liter is a V6 engine used in Frontier vehicles by Nissan when for sale in the USA. This block is a complete fuel injected unit that is offered in standard edition and turbocharged versions. Like most import vehicles, production has taken place in more than one country. Someone who is ready to swap a truck motor can buy a Nissan Frontier 3.3 engine for sale with help from PTG …Read More

3.8 Ford Engine for Sale

3.8 is a Ford Essex family engine that debuted for sale in 1982. Its final year was 2003, but people who have come to know this build have faith it what it offers. Production commenced to provide a viable way to compete with other top auto companies. Regardless of its standard or split cylinder heads, a 3.8 Ford engine for sale is part of the inventory people find here on …Read More

TH350 Transmission for Sale

TH350 refers to the name of the GM transmission found for sale in a lot of vehicles. The year was 1969 when engineers from Buick and Chevrolet got together to produce what some call the best three-speed gearbox in existence. Coming in at around 120 pounds dry weight, the TH350 transmission for sale that can be ordered here is a real value. The all-aluminum housing was the primary form of …Read More