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T176 Transmission for Sale

Jeep and other automakers used the T176 manual transmission. Sale options began in 1980 in the CJ series. As a top shift package, the Tremtec built unit is equipped with a 23 output spline. This common threading makes the units compatible with almost every common transfer case in use before 1986 except the Spicer 300. A T176 transmission for sale is one of the products available here at PowertrainGuys.com Long …Read More

4R100 Transmission for Sale Used

Ford used its 4R100 as the primary transmission when sale of its diesel trucks took place in the USA. Between 1999 and the year 2003, hundreds of thousands of pickup trucks coupled with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine had the four-speed assemblies. While no longer being mass produced, you can locate a 4R100 transmission for sale used here at PTG. MERCON fluid is the factory recommended type to use when flushing …Read More

Transmission TH400 Sale

The TH400 is an automatic transmission once for sale in Chevy, Buick and GM automobiles. This Turbo Hydramatic series is by far the most popular model. It was built in the 1960s although an emphasis on heavy-duty performance took place in the 1970s. Because there are only three gears, the assemblies are easy to work on. A TH400 transmission sale price is given to people who shop on this website. …Read More

ZF6 Transmission Sale for Duramax Trucks

The ZF6 manual transmission used in Duramax trucks is found here online. General Motors began putting this 6-speed version into its Chevy and GMC diesel trucks in the year 2001. While the decision was made to terminate this practice in favor of a different build, there are plenty of people who still want a ZF6 transmission for sale for their Duramax pickup truck. These can be ordered at PTG. ZF …Read More

3.5 Intrepid Engine for Sale

The Intrepid by Dodge used two engine types of the 3.5 while on sale through Chrysler dealerships in the USA. The base model automobiles carried what was known as the standard EGJ edition. The performance, or high-output (HO), offered the EGG series. On this Powertrain Guys website, you can find a 3.5 Intrepid engine for sale. Specs of the 3.5 V6 According to the specs, the manufacturing of the larger …Read More

3.6 LY7 Engine for Sale

GM offers its 3.6 engine block for sale as a High Feature assembly. The LY7 RPO code separates this unit from the other classes of motors that are produced. First manufactured in 2004, this series has quickly gained traction as a reliable force in the United States and European markets. On this page, there is a 3.6 LY7 engine for sale. Specs of the 3.6 V6 The base compression is …Read More

Dodge Daytona 2.5 Engine

The 2.5 by Dodge is an I4 engine located in the Daytona car. It was for sale in 1986 through the 1993 year. The Turbo Z and regular K series blocks are still regarded as being dependable. Even though Chrysler no longer builds these models, there were hundreds of thousands of automobiles sold that carried the motors inside. PTG has a Dodge Daytona 2.5 engine in used condition that can …Read More

4.3 V6 Blazer Engine for Sale

The 4.3 is a V6 engine used mostly in the Blazer by Chevy. The sale nationwide of the mid-size vehicle was essential to the success of GM. Changes to the body platform as well as the performance were things that helped the sport utility vehicle class to prosper. Right from this page, anyone can buy a 4.3 V6 Blazer engine for sale. All inventory is either rebuilt or preowned depending …Read More

Dodge Dakota Used Engine Sale

Dakota trucks by Dodge used five engine types when for sale in the U.S. market. The unveiling of the medium-duty pickup truck series in the year 1987 introduce the common K series block. As technology progressed, the size of the motors became bigger and more dependable in terms of torque and power. Buy a Dodge Dakota used engine straight from a respected dealer through this website. Dakota Engine Block Specs …Read More

Dodge Intrepid Used Engine

Intrepid cars by Dodge used several engine types since 1992. Sale procedures at dealerships included offering more than one trim version and motor package. The heart and soul of the full-size sedan vehicles built near the end of the 20th century was the V6 block. Pay less for a Dodge Intrepid used engine using PTG as your resource in the U.S. Engine Specs for Intrepid Cars Chrysler, through its Dodge …Read More