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4.9 Liter Cadillac Engine for Sale

The 4.9 is a High Technology engine found for sale in Cadillac cars. This V8 block is one of the early models prior to the development of the Northstar family. Car owners appreciated the effort by General Motors to produce a high performance block without the typical fuel mileage decrease found in competitor vehicles. Inventory here includes a 4.9 liter Cadillac engine for sale at an honest price.

Production began in its initial phase in the year 1985. GM set out to engineer a motor that could meet the demands that consumers had for its luxury class of automobiles. Vehicles such as the Eldorado, Seville, Deville and Fleetwood were were one would find the 4.9 liter V8 motor installed. Upgrades like modified oil pans and fuel systems were successful for the Cadillac brand.

Specs for 4.9 Motors

For highway travel, the SAE specs listed a 25 miles per gallon average. This remains true in most high or moderate mileage V8 builds. In terms average people can understand, someone should expect about 16 miles per gallon for the Cadillac V8. Aluminum heads were installed on all variants. The block was a cast iron housing.

Horsepower did not change between 1991 and 1995. A raw 200 hp was partially achieved because of the 9:5:1 compression ratio. It was standard to find the 4T60E automatic transmission behind the stock 4.9 liter Cadillac engine. The RPO that was in place at the time was L26. It is the same reference used for the Buick cars.

299 cubic inches is what the official specifications say about the High Technology V8. What concerns most buyers of a used luxury car engine is the miles that might be on the block. Excessive mileage is not a bad thing, but not keeping up with maintenance is certainly a problem with some secondary market inventory.

Warranties for Motor Parts

The purchase of an auto component is never complete unless coverage for OEM parts is available. Too many problems can exist that go undetected in a regular visual overview. The truth is that a local junk yard might never inspect inventory that it acquires. By instituting a supplier warranty plan, Powertrain Guys avoids issues after sales are processed.

A person with an intent to order a motor using this website is always presented with terms of sale. Even a regular phone call can be placed if terms are not understood. In simple terms, a basic assessment is completed for all stock on hand. This confirms that each motor is running and is described accurately to a consumer.

Prices for Used 4.9 Engines

The GM units that are listed and priced through this portal are all authentic. The vehicle identification numbers are also verified before a shipment is started. The regular sticker price that includes any discounts that are offered is what someone gets in quote form here. Using the database as helpful tool, a car owner or mechanic can review prices.

A nationally accessible phone number is what PTG gives to the public. There is likely to be questions that someone has before deciding to order. A worker who enjoys the automotive industry and has first-hand knowledge of current stock on hand will take every call.