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6R75 Transmission for Sale Used Condition

The 6R75 transmission is based on the ZF technology. Used and for sale in the Expedition, the 6-speed is still quite popular. Ford has added this and other family gearboxes to some of its largest vehicles. Powertrain Guys offers anyone a second hand 6R75 transmission for sale using this website online.

6R Series Specs

Ford, like General Motors, uses most of the same parts in its fleet of trucks and SUVs. Unlike in previous years when parts were not compatible, most people can swap out the 6R gearboxes easily. Stepping up to the 6R80 is logical for F150 owners. With a low geared first gear, the 6R75 is meant for towing.

The valve body holds the transmission control module (TCM). The OEM versions were slightly inadequate when it comes to heat dispersion. A thermal conductor is sometimes installed by third-party rebuilders when offering reconditioned assemblies. This does keep the TCM from being damaged.

The dip stick is located near the bottom of the oil pan. To get to the stick, a screw must be loosened. This can be confusing to a first-time owner who wants to change the oil. This modern version of 6-speed performance was not well received by truck owners.

Aftermarket Warranty Protection

The preowned automotive components industry has changed a bit. The shady deals made in the past by some junk yards are no longer present. Companies are smarter. Consumers now have the ability to cross reference pricing and inventory levels before dealing with a retailer.

It is always safe to get a warranty plan. PTG includes coverage for an exact period at the time of order fulfillment. This prevents some authentic part failures. While some exclusions are in the coverage, many people are happy that this coverage is included.

Buy Low Use 6R75 Gearboxes

Evaluations are the key to improving customer service. The very distributors that make it possible to order products here are good at picking and choosing assemblies. This helps a lot. No one appreciates a rusted out tranny. Even one that is bought second hand. The exterior and interior are always inspected.

Sale prices on used Ford transmissions are enforced here. People like paying less. Mileage and condition are how inventory is classified. By using the right make and model, the instant price locator can be tapped into online. For offline contact, a support number is available every week day for North American consumers.