Complete Ford Engines

complete ford enginesFord Motor Company roots can be traced back the the turn of the 20th century in the U.S. While partnerships with Dodge did not work out, Henry Ford decided to build a brand that he could call his own. What came from this innovation was top quality engine development and manufacturing changes that changed the course of history. Powertrain Guys gives options to car parts buyers who buy used Ford engines on the Internet.

What type of motors are sold here? The vast supply of inventory amassed in the company warehouse is proof of continued support for the parts buying public. Someone can find older Ford motors that are not being produced at this time. A newer car parts shopper can even find some of the latest releases of technologically sound motors. A seemingly endless inventory of engines and transmissions that are preowned is accessible.

Used Ford Complete Engines for Sale

Ford has done a lot to keep its customers happy. The efforts to make strides in the industry have been centered around good motors. An issue that a parts purchaser can face when conducting their own independent research is out of stock problems. The shortage of support for the classic Ford motors that are not being produced is a real problem in the parts industry. Here’s how the Powertrain Guys fixes this problem.

List of engine blocks available as complete units for sale:

1.3L inline four-cylinder
1.6L inline four-cylinder
1.8L inline four-cylinder
2.0L inline four-cylinder
2.0 Lima four-cylinder
2.3 Lima four-cylinder
2.5 Lima four-cylinder

1.3L four-cylinder
1.4L four-cylinder
1.6L four-cylinder
1.8L four-cylinder
1.9L four-cylinder
2.0L four-cylinder

Mazda F | Turbo
2.2L four-cylinder

DOHC Zeta | Zetec
1.6L four-cylinder
1.8L four-cylinder
2.0L four-cylinder

DOHC | Duratec
1.8L four-cylinder
2.0L four-cylinder
2.3L four-cylinder
2.5L four-cylinder
3.0L six-cylinder
3.5L six-cylinder
3.7L six-cylinder

SOHC | Ecoboost
1.3L three-cylinder
1.4L four-cylinder
1.5L four-cylinder
1.6L four-cylinder
2.0L four-cylinder
2.3L four-cylinder
3.5L six-cylinder

OHV | Straight Six
4.9L six-cylinder

SOHC | Cologne
1.8L V6
2.0L V6
2.3L V6
2.4L V6
2.6L V6
2.8L V6
2.9L V6
3.0L V6

OHV | Essex
3.8L V6
3.9L V6
4.2L V6

Pushrod | Vulcan
3.0L V6

DOHC | Mondeo
2.5L V6
3.0L V6

DOHC | Jaguar AJ
2.1L V6
2.5L V6
3.0L V6

DOHC | Cyclone
3.5L V6
3.7L V6

OHV | Windsor
4.2L V8
4.9L V8
5.8L V8

IDI | Navistar

DOHC | Triton
5.4L V8
5.8L V8

SOHC | Triton
6.8L V10

Used Ford Engines with Warranties

Apart from the near complete motors inventory, there are incentives that are given to each buyer who selects Powertrain Guys as a U.S. supplier. A motor purchased through our network always includes a specified warranty plan. The average coverage that is offered needs to be activated after a consumer makes a purchase. Once coverage has been activated, a three-year term of protection kicks in and protects the most important components installed. Buying a Ford motor used with a warranty is never complicated here.

A complete team supports anyone who researches motors through our website. This team helps buyers make decisions and educates about compatibility with different vehicles. The process of assistance is provided by telephone and by an online system. A direct price quote for a used complete Ford Motor Company engine is available using the system in place on this website. A person who does not access this system can easily call by phone to inquire about available sticker prices for used engines.