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Eagle Vision Crate Engines

Eagle Vision was one of the cars that put Eagle on the map after Chrysler’s purchase of the AMC company. The 3.3L V6 is the engine that was most often used and preferred by owners of the Vision. Along with the Talon, the Vision was poised to bring Eagle into the national spotlight as a national car company. Unfortunately this never happened. The Vision was discontinued in 1997. Over 4 years of manufacturing went into the Vision and you can still buy these 3.3L V6 engines. We have Eagle Vision crate engines at awesome Internet-only prices. Get the Eagle vision engine you need with out the hassle.

The V6 engines produced by Chrysler for its Eagle brand are able to achieve up to 185 horsepower with the base engine. This makes a great project car engine. The V6 power combined with the Chrysler technology makes this an entry-level powerhouse. Putting a V6 into your current car or the car of a customer is a lot easier with a professional source like our company. We sell crate engines and do not deal with rebuilt or used. It is the new engines that our customers demand. We get these only from high quality dealers.

Eagle Vision Crate Engines

What we do is make our engines available at unheard of prices. We don’t do this to put other sellers out of business. We do it because we’ve found a certain price point. We know exactly what a customer is willing to pay for a new crate engine. We don’t go beyond this point. We could easily offer engines at twice the current price. We choose to help others get engine deals. Our profits are put last. The V6 Eagle crate engines that we locate from our distributors are truly something special. Few engines are ready for drop in nowadays. The classic Chrysler produced Eagle engines are drop in ready and won’t cause any installation problems. You’ll never waste your money or time with these.

When it comes to shipping, we feel that no one can do it better than we do it. We have already secured awesome rates from many of the top freight agencies in the U.S. These rates are at the perfect price point for engine customers. There are times when we do ship out for no charge although the shipment price will be included in your engine quote. Our team is a group of experts that care about what they do. We won’t sell an engine and ship it the cheapest method just to save us some money. Eagle Vision 3.3L engines are what you’d expect them to be here.

Eagle Vision Crate Engines Pricing

A crate engine quote is given fast and professionally here. We developed a dual way that we send these quotes when customers ask. The first is traditional phone quotes. We’re professionals and we work quickly. The second way is using our online Eagle crate engine quote form. It’s just as fast as phone quotes except you’ll never need to call us. Tryout the method that is right for you.