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F350 Transmission for Sale

The F350 pickup truck used several transmissions at Ford when for sale to consumers. The unique thing about all of these assemblies is that they were automatic controlled. Each of them had standard electronics inside. While the part numbers are different, you can still find a unit to swap rather easily. You can find an F350 transmission for sale right here online.

Half-Ton and One-Ton Gearboxes

Ford knew what it was doing when it introduced its half-ton and one-ton trucks. People who needed an improvement in engine power and torque often go for the larger pickups. The most common assembly that you will find is called the 4R100. This is a reverse mounted assembly that has four standard gears.

A change was made to go for the late model 5R110W gearbox in some F-Series models. This was after the installation of the E4OD in the mid 1990s. There are shift solenoids that appear inside of the casing for all used Ford F350 transmissions we have here in stock. No defects are present, but proper maintenance will be expected.

F-Series Replacement Parts

To go with your transmission, you might need a diesel or gasoline engine. A common practice among truck owners it to change out the entire powertrain at the same time. When a Powerstroke or Triton block has too many mileage, it too can begin to degrade. There is nothing wrong buy bundling a package of components for later installation. Even if someone thinks a block might be bad, it is always cheaper to swap it out now than to wait six months.

PTG has all of what you need to repair your vehicle fast. Even if you do not ship parts to your location, you can choose the final destination when you place your order. Our staff works in our warehouse to crate and wrap all components that we sell. Since these come out of scrap yards, you can feel confident the quality is still pretty good.

Buy Used Ford Transmissions Here

You can find automatic and manual controlled gearboxes at PTG. We ensure the internal components are looked at and a pressure test is administered when applicable. Leaking fluid is not something you want to see on a recently swapped assembly. These types of checks and balances are what hold our reputation to a higher standard.

All consumers are asked to follow our price request procedures. You will be asked to go into our quote tool and arrange your own sale price. All data is customized and it is private for your viewing pleasure. Nothing that you input is collected and used in the future against you. It is a safe and entirely accurate way to explore or compare F350 transmission prices on the Internet. Place your call to us when you want to order.