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LH8 Engine for Sale

The GM RPO LH8 identifies the 5.3 liter Vortec V8 engine. This was for sale starting in the model year 2009. Plans to revamp the 5300 series were underway at this time at General Motors. Several of the top-selling pickup and SUV brands were fitted with the block as an upgrade option. Powertrain Guys offers an LH8 engine for sale in used and reman condition on this page.

5.3L Vin L 8th Digit Specs

The “L” in the vehicle identification number is the letter code for the 5300. When someone goes to order one, it will be referenced by this information. The RPM is listed in the official specifications as 5200. The 300 horsepower is actually retained by the block regardless of its total usage time frame.

323 cubic inches of displacement are inside of the all-aluminum casing. The heads are also made out of the same space age polymer. The compression of the unit is 9:9:1. It is one of the biggest GM motors that fit into the medium-duty trucks like the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado.

As a Generation IV build, the available LH8 engine inventory on this website is interchangeable with the Hummer H3 series. The positive crankcase ventilation was a new feature that was installed at the factory. It is most common to use these late model 5.3 motors wit a 4L60 automatic 4 speed transmission.

Reliable Vortec 5300 LH8

The salvage market is one place that is filled with small-block V8 motors by GM. For whatever reason, there always seems to be units on sale through various places in the United States. PTG validates what is listed on this page to inform the general public about what can be ordered. Although dealers and suppliers change frequently, most of what someone can research here is considered above average quality.

Mileage that is higher on a refurbished or preowned block is not the end of the world. A complete, or full package motor, has factory components installed. The stock warranty is what will prevent high prices for the most common parts that fail. All purchases that begin with the resources on this website include a plan for warranty protection.

Find 5.3L V8 Engines Here

More than one stock number is what you can match or reference in our web inventory here online. All of what someone will locate is an OEM package. Even if something is rebuilt, it is not customized and includes factory Chevrolet or GMC components inside. Using the quote tools, claim the current sale price for the LL8 engines for sale that we connect you with.

The number for customer service is posted for all to see and use. A qualified person will answer any and all questions concerning what is available. A prompt shipment will be arranged once a buying decision has been made. A lift gate delivery is preferred to commercial and residential addresses. Check here first before you order from another web retailer to lock down the best pricing.