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Suzuki Kizashi 2.4L Engines On Sale

Kizashi used a 2.4L engine by Suzuki since the year 2009. The initial launch in the United States introduced the J24B block. As a mid-size automobile, appeal was created with both men and women. While production has been ceased by Suzuki, auto parts are still available. PTG provides Suzuki Kizashi 2.4L engine for sale inventory on this website.

2.4-Liter Motor Specs

The 16-valve design is picking up speed among automakers. Suzuki tuned the Kizashi to output 185 horsepower because of good engineering. The DOHC base was chosen over the standard four-cylinder size.

A CVT transmission is the only assembly that works with the 2.4L. Success was found with the Vitara in 2006, and Suzuki stepped in manufacturing by 2010. The pairing of a 6-speed gearbox with the improved J2-series motors did result in more sales.

Concept vehicles were created that featured a turbocharged engine. These are not the units that are on sale here. The regular gasoline units are provided in rebuilt and preowned condition. These can be reviewed upon order placement.

Compatible Trim Levels

Most of the early motor vehicles were only front-wheel drive. The creation of sport versions upped the competition for Suzuki. The S, SE, SLS and GTS all feature the I4 assembly. The 2393 cc 2.4-liter receives around 29 miles per gallon. The highway rating is about 37, but the combined fuel savings is near 30 MPG.

All stock acquired for retail sale on this page features multi-port fuel injection. The connecting rods, main bearings, belts, manifold and intake gaskets have all been checked. A rigorous series of inspections always happens before anyone can buy something here.

Prices for Replacement Suzuki Engines

Accuracy in MSRP is crucial for a consumer. Paying too much is upsetting. Getting one price for the block and another to ship it can be frustrating. When a price quote is arranged at PTG, it is complete. The single price that a person pays is not just a rough estimate. It is the only price, and this price includes a warranty.

Price data is given in two ways. The first way is the quote form. The second way is by phone calls. We let people decide which is a faster way. Our experts are willing to help anyone. Essentials like mileage, length of warranty plan and delivery time frames must be known. We provide this information quickly to interested buyers.