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09G Transmission for Sale

The 09G is an automatic transmission by Aisin and VW. These were used inside the Passat, Jetta and Beetle vehicles. This 6-speed assembly is know globally for its low weight and reliable shifting patterns at all speeds. A separate ATF cooling reservoir keeps the unit from overheating at high temperatures. A low priced 09G transmission for sale is what people find here at Powertrain Guys.

In the year 2004, development was finalized by Volkswagen for the its 09G transmission. A traction control system was installed with the lockup clutch. This was a revolutionary concept found in the luxury division components. A series of hydraulic valves and separate solenoid switches were also added. For shipment specs, the total weight is 182 pounds.

VW Automatic Transmissions

Upon ordering the 09G gearbox, someone will have to put 7.4 quarts of oil inside. Nothing that leaves the warehouse here includes old fluid. The tests that are conducted in order to verify that no leaks are present do require us to us oil though. When confirmation that no working parts are defective, the oil is drained out and the assembly is stored dry.

The 6-speed Volkswagen transmissions that are for sale do come with a parts warranty. In most of the cases, the labor to install a repaired unit is also provided. The exact documentation that people can view that specifies the coverage is given at the time of ordering. The three-year plans PTG has in place help all units have a long life span.

Reasons to Swap a VW 09G

Natural wear is one issue that plagues import assemblies. A problem in between regular shifts known as flaring can happen. This is usually caused by a worn valve body. Since there are electronics used in the VW transmission, solenoid or TCM failure is possible. Bushing are often made cheaply and will eventually wear out. If your gearbox has any of these issues, the inventory here can offer the best replacement around.

Buy an Automatic Gearbox 09G

The prices here for every used 09G transmission are lower than junk yards offer. Even though we use these companies to find inventory, the retail price is still kept lower. It is possible that zero freight charges will be paid by a consumer while shopping here. The arrangements that are in position with forwarding companies can effectively eliminate shipping charges. Get your price quotes here at PTG online or place a call to our specialists.