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GM LMF 5.3 Engine Sale

The LMF by GM is a 5.3 liter V8 engine block meant for sale with vans and trucks. The power from this build comes from its all-iron construction as well as its half-ton usage. The initial year of production was the 2010 year. A four-year production period existed for the very GM LMF 5.3 engine on sale here at Powertrain Guys online. These units are available for order 24/7/365.

Specs of the 5.3 Edition

With its whopping 310 horsepower, the LMF provided a lot of rear-wheel torque. The RPM limit measures are 5200. Although later editions of the Vortec included Active Fuel Management (AFM), this edition did not. Every one of the vehicles produced that held the used LMF 5.3 engines listed here utilized a four-speed automatic transmission.

A pair of flat top pistons were installed on the block. There are two reliefs that make up the piston connections. A stock fuel pump is the M295 that will attach to the assembly. The 4 digit will identify in the VIN whether or not the motor is a post 2008 version or not. Someone who is trying to match the specifications correctly should note this prior to buying.

The Chevrolet Express vehicles and the GMC Savana represent the two most common applications of the late model 5.3L V8. Even though other options existed in later years, plenty of secondary retailers continue to stock the mid 2000s versions of the infamous Vortec IV versions.

Salvage General Motors Parts

There are rebuilt and preowned variations of the stock LFM available. What a consumer will find in nationwide junk yard is a pullout. These items are taken out of a truck or van, and then are immediately resold to consumers or automotive mechanics. PTG is a trusted option to find a second hand condition 5.3.

All of the included components were installed in standard factories. No parts are aftermarket unless something is no longer in production. When applicable, a quick quality check is made of the casing, gaskets, hoses and fuel system to ensure that these are in working condition. Apart from the low mileage, these products make an excellent replacement for someone swapping a V8.

How to Order Used LMF Blocks

A brand new web interface is featured on this page. This is the official price app that is useful for a buyer or someone hoping to get a detailed quote. Our junk yard computer system is linked with the tool provided to users here. The most up-to-date pricing and VIN information is available for review. There is an optional offline number to call if for some reason the virtual platform is not working.

Avoid frustrations when replacing a defective motor by purchasing the inventory available from us. One of our specialists will be happy to speak about mileage counts, surface condition and anything else pertinent. While there are occasional deals on Craigslist, buying from a leading vendor is a wise decision. All warranties that are included provide term coverage.

To help all consumers, this page and research application are always smartphone, tablet and PC/Mac friendly.