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Dodge Magnum 3.5 Engine for Sale

The Magnum wagon by Dodge was for sale with the 3.5 V6 engine from 2005 to 2008. This performance station wagon was offered in SXT trim and other limited designs. The five-door series was built under the LX platform at Chrysler during the end of the 20th Century. A person researching on this page can find a Dodge Magnum 3.5 engine for sale in the presented inventory here.

Specs of the EGG 3.5

The state of Wisconsin is where Dodge setup shop to build the Magnum class of vehicles. The 3.5 did include a timing belt instead of the standard edition chain. A SOHC instead of the dual overhead cam package laid the foundation for power. A topped off level of 254 horsepower is the maximum speed the SXT edition provides.

Depending on what model was selected, a four-speed or a five-speed transmission was part of the powertrain. The motor itself is a 24 valve edition. The cubic inch displacement is listed as 214.7 in Chrysler catalogs. The option code that identifies the 3.5 Dodge motor is EGG. It is the same used in the Intrepid.

Even though the final year of manufacture was 2008, there were millions of wagons produced for sale domestically. There are junk yards as well as salvage resellers that are able to remove quality motor from otherwise scrapped vehicles. PTG taps into these resources to locate deals for auto professionals and consumers.

Warranty for 3.5 Magnum Motors

A buyer interested in a preowned or remanufactured V6 block from this website does receive a warranty. The actual parts that receive full coverage are listed in the documentation. The length of the protection period is offered for review too. People who make purchases of second hand market Dodge engines should feel safe with each product.

There are many cases where a complete unit has been thoroughly inspected and found to be in top condition. It is this inventory that is cataloged with a higher grade. In some cases, intensive tests cannot be performed due to partner supplier terms. All explanations are accurate when delivered to a potential buyer about the replacement 3.5 Magnum engines provided.

Low Price Used Dodge Engine

A competitive MSRP is what many dealers try to offer the public. With many other companies, there are hidden fees and other expenses that can increase the total price a consumer will pay. PowertrainGuys.com relies on the price matching of several companies to expose the best discounts. A vehicle identification number may or may not be needed when a quote is calculated online.

A quote to review is auto generated by the web form on this page. Entering the motor data as well as some related vehicle information will secure an accurate estimate. If someone has a question about shipping fees to any destination, answers can be acquired by calling the PTG reps offline. A passionate group of individuals takes care of every consumer personally. Doing business with a respected provider is the safest way to order any motor vehicle components.