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Volvo XC90 Engine for Sale

The XC90 is a Volvo vehicle that has used I4, I5, I6 and V8 engine types. Sale around the world has helped push the concept of owning luxury sport utility vehicles. There is a first generation and a second generation available that might have a different block inside. PTG will help any person hoping to find a Volvo XC90 engine for sale online.

The mid-size vehicles that are now in production are front engine mounted editions. The P2 platform at Volvo made it possible for different variations in motor sizes. Beginning in 2002, the turbocharged 2.5 was the engine for competitors to beat. The I6 was next with its 3.2 liter displacement. Both a standard and twin turbo engine were produced for the XC90.

Variety of XC90 Volvo Motors

The 4.4 and 2.9 were additional types that were used inside of crossover SUVs. The quality and assurance at Volvo dealerships are two things that helped instill confidence in the minds of consumers. When shopping the second hand automotive market, locating the right dealer makes a huge difference.

PowertrainGuys.com is established in the USA. Multiple dealers and recyclers of vehicle parts are now a part of our emerging network. To get the best value, more than one of these companies works harder to compete for the lowest MSRP price tags. By taking control of engine appearance and delivery, all consumers using this website get the best experience.

Warranties for OEM Parts

No one should buy something that will not last more than six months. The terms of sale do include a warranty protection policy that is meant to last for a specific period of time. The parts that receive coverage are most of the OEM versions that come on each block. It is not practical to cover 100 percent of the components, but for the most part people are happy with what is included.

How much does it cost to ship an XC90 engine? Well, not every dealer has a set shipping price. Some of the time, the location where a block will be delivered is factored into the overall freight fees. By using the delivery address zip code, a more accurate estimate is given just before the sale is processed.

Used Volvo Engine Pricing

In about 60 seconds, anyone who uses the tools on this site can begin viewing pricing. Entering in the accurate year of manufacture, transmission size and other small details will guarantee that the right VIN number is being quoted. A phone number to call if other information is needed is also provided. Speak to a PTG partner rep offline to get all details. It has never been so easy to get a used Volvo turbo engine.

No one is under any obligation after inputting information to go through with an order. All information is confidential, and only people who request a price are given one. Dealers, dismantlers and other people reselling auto parts are welcome to shop here.