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L94 Engine for Sale

The L94 is a 6.2 liter V8 engine found for sale in GMC vehicles. In 2007 through 2013, the full-size sport utility vehicles were equipped with the Generation IV blocks. People who purchased these vehicles were treated to a reliable and powerful vehicle. Even though GM no longer produces the IV series, people using this PTG site can get an L94 engine for sale. An immediate quote is provided using the web tools here.

Specs for the L94 Block

With its 6000 RPM rating, horsepower is plentiful in the 6.2 motor. The 10:4:1 compression mixed well with the active fuel management and variable valve timing systems. Built in the state of Michigan, the 376 cubic inch displacement L94 was a thing of beauty. The mechanics of the block made it possible to reach upwards of 403 horsepower.

Nearly all GM inventory made during the mid-2000s was constructed with cast aluminum. This type of material differed from the earlier cast iron types. Because the removal of heat was a big concern, choosing the aluminum based ingredients was the best decision. The Escalade was an additional vehicle that used a 6.2.

The 6L80 automatic six-speed transmission is what works well with the 6.2 V8 motor. While General Motors has moved on to the Ecotec3 engine platform, there is still a public demand for used versions of the L series inventory in the USA. Dealers of auto parts from coast to coast still support the older Yukon and XL vehicle platforms.

Second Hand GM Engines

Authentication of inventory is essential. While a remanufactured build might appear to be better, no one really knows for sure if OEM parts were utilized during the reconstruction process. Most people, for sake of budgetary reasons, prefer to go with junk yard motors in North America.

The entire PowertrainGuys.com inventory is a mixture of what our partners have in stock at all times. The complete list does include sellers on the East and West Coast to make shipping simpler for a regular customer. Working with PTG will help remove the stress out of finding a preowned GM SUV motor with a lower price tag.

Used 6.2 Yukon Motor Pricing

If you use a computer or a smartphone, you will be able to get a price to review using this website. It does take a couple of seconds to enter in the vehicle data though. Once this is complete, a sale price plus any freight discounts are then displayed or distributed. A buyer will never again have to travel to a local retailer and wait in line only to find out that what they came for is not even in stock.

A price will not change once it has been quoted using the resources found here. Questions can always be asked through making a phone call. Our team is experienced and super friendly. The extended warranty policies and other terms can be learned about when making a quick call to our staff.