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Honda Odyssey 3.5 Engine for Sale

The Odyssey minivan by Honda used a 3.5 V6 engine while on sale in the U.S. The J35A was the first VTEC version produced. There are slight difference in each edition that was manufactured based on the needs of consumers. A regular consumer or auto industry professional will find a Honda Odyssey 3.5 engine for sale on this page.

History of the Odyssey Minivan

Initial manufacturing commenced during the 1998 year. The base single overhead cam package that was popular in early Civic vehicles was utilized to build the 3.5 liter block. The horsepower was improved to a 210 top speed. The actual cubic inch displacement of each build is around 211.8.

In the year 2005, more performance was achieved by upgrading the horsepower to 244. The 5-door van concept was not overshadowed by the SUV and CUV vehicles being built in Honda plants at the time. The heavy-duty motor compensated for any lack of torque found in earlier vehicles. The listed specs can change from year to year although most motor components are the same.

As of the 2017 year, Honda Motor Corporation is still actively manufacturing the Odyssey minivans for the domestic market. Going through with this practice did increase the total inventory amount of used 3.5 engines available to purchase.

24 Valve 3.5 Motors in Stock

There are variations of four-speed, five-speed and six-speed transmissions found in late model Honda minivans. The 10:5:1 compression ratio has been found to work better with the six-speed gearbox. The 24 valves built into the aluminum alloy block each contribute to the maximum output for auto owners.

Powertrain Guys is a secondary market resource to locate the top inventory provided by recyclers and junk yards in an exclusive network. Working with groups of companies has improved the total availability of preowned Honda V6 motors. The choice of rebuilt is also available, but quantities can be limited.

Part of the guarantee that a person will receive upon ordering what is displayed on this website includes a parts warranty. All components are factory originals that have already been tested and approved for operation. Getting a good buy means ensuring that no defects will cut the life short of a Honda 3.5 motor.

How to Buy Honda Odyssey Engines

PTG tries to collect only the most essential data from consumers who are seeking price information from this website. The electronic tool is hooked up to the national database that is featured here online. Inputting basics such as the production year, gearbox type and year of manufacture will help generate an immediate discount off the MSRP.

Using this interactive tool is not the only way to review pricing information. A call to our customer assistance department is easy to make. There are associates waiting right now to give answers to questions, explain condition of each block and to speak about freight fees. The hard work that we put into locating good inventory will not cost someone extra money.