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1.8 VTEC Engine for Sale

The 1.8 four-cylinder engine in Honda cars was first for sale in 1994. This VTEC build supplied the variable valve timing control that has taken the world by storm. The Integra, through its B18C1 block, introduced this technology in the USDM market. As with any auto parts, quality in terms of construction means a lot. You can buy a 1.8 VTEC engine for sale right on this PTG website.

The older timing system is not to be confused with the brand new iVTEC brand. The intelligent inner workings of the system have been improved since the first versions were built. The R18A2 Civic version is also quite popular. Both the A1 and subsequent editions have been sought after on the secondary market in the United States.

Honda I4 VTEC Blocks

How good are second hand import motors? Many people have different answers to such a question. For the most part, what is built in Honda Motor Corporation factories is generally built to last. What causes parts to go bad prematurely is the use or general abuse from a vehicle owner. Someone who does not perform oil changes or tries to modify the vehicle too much can have car engine issues.

PowertrainGuys.com is a nationwide source to find only the top brands in the foreign automotive industry. All builds in stock are OEM and have not been changed from the factory. What changes from build to build is the VIN number and sometimes the surface rust. In all, a used 1.8 Honda engine is a very good buy when it has average mileage.

Import Parts Warranties

Anyone can find an aftermarket component from a leading retailer to try and fix up an older block. What most consumers are trying to find is a way to protect the original components from imminent failure. A warranty is the only way that factory parts can be restored without an engine owner paying high prices.

Since PTG has relationships with junk yards and salvage centers, getting a warranty with a pulled out block is something that is guaranteed. The sale terms and other information that is exclusive to every different SKU number are clearly described. Make no mistake about it, these are not eBay 1.8 Honda motors.

VTEC 1.8 Four-Cylinder Engine Prices

The stylized form at the top of this page will help you get the price that you want to pay. Since there is variety in dealers, price discounts are common and are frequently given out to buyers. Locking in a low MSRP is the best way to reduce the price of full block replacement in a Civic or Integra car. Get in touch with our team by phone if the web system is not working for you.

A detailed explanation of what is in stock is always presented here. Something that is not listed does not mean it is not included with a processed sale. It is best to ask any questions prior to ordering or after a price quote is given to you.