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1.9 Ford Escort Engine

The CVH engine technology is what Ford used to design the 1.9 Escort series motors. The first of the straight 4 motors were built during the 1980 year. With the success of SOHC 1.6, Ford decided to make some changes to the updated CVH motors available. Someone who will swap out a 1.9 Ford Escort engine can use this website to find price data and inventory stock numbers.

Ford mass produced engines for the Escort until the 1983 year when the 1.9 was introduced. This did provide a 30% horsepower increase to 86 hp. It was during this time period that Ford Motor Company was using its MPFI technology. This created a fuel efficient block for use in the Escort. The three-door and five-door body styles had the 1.9-liter motor under the hood.

History of I4 Escort 1.9-Liter Motors

A high output model was first built during the 1986 year. Production lasted for 3 years although not much of a horsepower boost was recognized vehicle owners. Ford tried again to improve the CVH by adding a CFI fuel injection system to the 1.9 blocks. Depending on the model year, two different versions of the high output Escort engines exist.

The I4 motors were designed to fit into the CE14 vehicle platform. This included the Ford and Mazda produced blocks that were used within the Escort. There were separate transmissions that were paired with each variant of the 1.9-liter motors. A 3, 4 and 5-speed manual or automatic build was common to find. Someone who will buy a used block will likely encounter more than one CVH build.

The cylinder head and combustion chambers that are found in an OEM block are cast iron and aluminum in the 1.9 build. The valve train is a single overhead cam version. Before Ford started investing into its Zeta series, the CVH was used for most of the production run of the Escort series in the United States.

Ford I4 Escort Engines: What to Know

A timing belt is installed in all of the CVH builds from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s. The water pump and entire cooling system receives its measurements for speed and accuracy from the timing system. The Escort and later Pony editions still used the same motor blocks. There were GT and base model versions although each still used a variant of the 1.9 series.

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