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1AZ-FE Engine for Sale

The 1AZ-FE is an engine used by Toyota in several vehicles. It is a straight-four block. The displacement is 2.0L and the horsepower goes up to 150. People want to know if this component is still available. The answer is yes. It can still be purchased using the Powertrain Guys website. Regular people do buy the 1AZ-FE engine for sale that we retail daily.

The Rav4 was the first vehicle apart from the Camry that promoted the 2.0-liter motor. It can be identified through the very common VIN H 5th digit designation. This version was the unit produced prior to the upgraded 2.4 used in later productions of the Rav4.

1998 CC 2.0 Toyota Specs

It is not hard to find official documentation that confirms what is already listed on this page. Toyota is known for putting quality over a cheap price in the auto parts industry. No recalls took place on any vehicle that had the 1AZ-FE motor inside. This is really good news for a person who ends up buying one of these second hand.

When it comes to power, no noticeable shortage is found. Firing up all cylinders is easy if the block is maintained. Even some poor quality builds promoted on other websites probably still run. What does separate quality over price is the amount of mileage on the parts.

Straight-Four 2.0 Warranty

No OEM warranty is available for what is sold here. This is because the original plans only covered the first few years of use for a vehicle owner. The salvage industry is still a valid place to review and acquire Toyota motors. This is exactly how PTG finds what is retailed to the public from this portal. The straight-four 1AZ-FE on sale here includes protection.

The standard amount of protection gives someone three years after purchase. This means that any regular usage is protected for the most part. Things like an alternator that can be replaced by purchasing a local part is not in the warranty plan. This is generally understood in the secondary parts market.

Buy Used Toyota Engines

Get your Rav4 or Camry back on the road with the low mileage 2.0L here. The sale price is meant to amaze people. Although our follow through after the sale is what really matters. The associates at Powertrain Guys actually care if people are happy after ordering. We do make a follow up sometimes through e-mail. The quote procedure we use tells people how much of a discount they will get. Try it now. Go to the top of the page to get started.