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2.0 Ford Duratec Engines for Sale

The L engine from Mazda is actually what 2.0 Ford Duratec motors are badged as in the U.S. market. The base level motor has a minimum of 16 valves that are housed in the aluminum block. While first built in the 2001 year, Ford started using the 2.0 series heavily with its I4 vehicles. The 2.0 Ford Duratec engines for sale presented on this website are authentic builds priced cheap.

In reality, there are really 2 different 2.0 builds. There is a Zeta Duratec model that was created in 1998 still found in Ford vehicles. The Mazda designed series labeled as the modern Duratec is offered in 4 other displacements. What someone who is searching for a used block usually wants to know is how low is the mileage.

MZR SMFI 2.0 Ford Used Engine

The straight 4 block provides 109.7 cubic inches in the base design. This is actually displaced for 1798cc. The MZR edition that most people are familiar with is the DOHC or dual overhead cam edition. The Duratec labeled units by Ford do provide 10:0:1 compression. The top horsepower is around 136 depending on the SMFI system installed. There are still good units to be found on the preowned market.

The main vehicles that have helped market the 2.0-liter across the globe include the Focus, Transit Connect, MX5 and Volvo S series. While the base model did not include a turbo, there is a turbo edition that was later included in the 2.0 Ecoboost version. Someone doing web research on the history of the 2.0 Duratec block will likely find that information useful.

Duratec 2.0: What to Know Before You Buy

The early models did not have many OEM part failures although the air intake systems were not made well. Some people could find an older model for sale on the web that has not had its intake manifold changed. These engines can generally tick at higher RPMs and make someone think the motor is bad. Because Mazda built most blocks in Mexico, there were questions asked about the engineering practices.

Obtaining a quality Duratec block does start at the count of mileage. While no used motor will be free of miles on the block, getting a unit that does feature low volume of mileage is a good start. A third-party warranty should help curb any fears that a person has about buying an older Ford 2.0 from a dealer.

Discounted Ford Duratec I4 Engines

Every motor listed on this resource is in what is known as complete condition. An overview of the build quality, number of miles and checks for vacuum leaks have been made. There is a sale price display tool offered here. Using this will promote the offered reduced price for all remaining used 2.0 Duratec motors in stock. Alternatively a toll-free number is also presented to speak with a second hand Ford motor expert.