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2.2 Liter Chevy Engine Sale

Chevy cars fitted with the 2.2 liter engine block were for sale starting in 1990. This build is a derivative of the L46 which was a 1.8. Several changes were incorporated through a decade of production. What came out of this development was the straight four-cylinder that people have come to know in multiple GM automobiles. You can find a 2.2 liter Chevy engine for sale here at Powertrain Guys online.

Chevy 2.2 Motor Specs

The block and the heads were either iron or aluminum. This production model was superior at General Motors. The manufacturing took place within the United States under the Generation II schedule. There are 133 cubic inches that make up the 2.2 liter I4 Chevrolet engine.

Changes to the piston head and the rods happened in the mid 1990s. Two types of head gaskets were manufactured and used. GM was developing its four-cylinder blocks for dual use in passenger cars and pickup trucks. By the end of the 2002 year, the Vortec 2200 had taken over for the original LM3 RPO.

Cars That Accept 2.2 Chevy Motors

The gross weight of an automobile usually determines the size of the motor block. GM took its regular approach when pairing up new cars with its famed 2.2 liter. While some automobiles did last for more than a decade, others did and are still in public demand.

You can install a used Chevy 2.2 liter engine block into the following vehicles:


Buying from a trusted website like PTG has its advantages. The mileage variance is pretty common with automobiles built 25 to 30 years ago. It is unheard of to locate a build that has less than 50,00 miles. What we provide people with is a certified count of the numbers when we know them.

I4 Warranty Parts and Labor

A good policy is written to protect the buyer and the seller. It is this approach that we have adopted as our practice. You can place an order and get our full protection. You are not required to activate it nor are you to use it. We just have it available in case a part breaks.

Prices for Used Chevrolet Engines

You get a discount with us. We are so confident in our products that we lower the MSRP. It helps push more blocks out the door to domestic locations. We are using the full strength and power of scrap yards nationally. What is not positioned in our own located can be located in a click or two through our computer at another location.

We are experts in selling used Chevy four-cylinder motors online. Take a second and retrieve your price quote. We provide a sale and satisfaction guarantee here. Money is saved on shipping because we only send crate blocks with respected carriers.