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2.7 Engine for 2005 Dodge Magnum Sale

Dodge offered its Magnum for sale in 2005 with a 2.7L V6 engine. The trim version for this vehicle was called SE. The motor was the standard aluminum construction that other variants supplied. The biggest change was the improvement in the performance. Someone who did not want the larger 3.5L likely went for the smaller 6-cylinder. People shopping here can buy a 2.7 engine for 2005 Dodge Magnum vehicles for a reduced price.

EER DOHC 2.7 Specs

Every unit built in the Millennium had multiport fuel injection systems. The option code for the Magnum block is EER. There are 167 cubic inches in the main block. The dual overhead cam trend continued with the 2.7 liter motor. The horsepower could reach maximum output at 190. It retains the standard 60-degree angle for the LH class.

The Concorde, 300 and Stratus were alternate vehicles that held the EER V6 motor. Business was booming at Dodge until some factory defects were recognized. A series of fixes were instituted although the 2.7 liter V6 was replaced with the larger Pentastar. This does not mean that someone cannot locate inventory. It takes some searching around on the secondary market. We help customers.

When to Swap the Magnum Engine

Things like natural deterioration will cause a block to malfunction. Water is known to rust parts. Fan blades, gaskets and other components might begin to fail. The timing chain is another unit that might eventually go bad. If someone has had the oil sludge problem, cleaning the EGR valve might not be enough. At some point, a used 2.7 liter Dodge engine can be installed as a remedy.

PowertrainGuys.com has a growing Chrysler parts inventory. What is listed on this page is just one small part of what is inside of the company warehouse. New units arrive daily. The process of selection begins before a decision to acquire a unit is made. A good steam cleaned motor looks pretty much like a new one.

Buy a 2005 Dodge Magnum Engine

The expedited method of reviewing the price drops that we offer is to use this website. Located at the top, anyone can go into our computer to pull out a price. The complete blocks with the latest sticker pricing can be explored. No one has to try to log in or provide a password. We do this free of charge. A mobile phone can also access our replacement 2.7 engine price. Phone calls are directed to our associates should someone want to order by phone.