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2005 Ford F150 Engine Rebuilt

Need a 2005 F150 engine rebuilt? Pay less here. That is a guarantee that we give to consumers. Starting in the early 2000s, Ford started stepping up its production for vehicle motors. Names like Triton and Duratec were starting to become household names. Even though there are different blocks now manufactured, people still prefer the technologies used in earlier F-series trucks. On this website, anyone can purchase a remanufactured 2005 Ford F150 engine for a cheap price.

Common F-Series V8 Motors

Ford Motor Company hand-picked three blocks for its F150. The smallest of these builds was the 4.2L V6. This was the base edition offered for the 4×2 enabled trucks. If someone wanted something larger, he or she could choose the 8-cylinder editions. These models include the 4.6L and the 5.4L

A total of three trim versions were marketed. These were the Super Cab, Regular and Super Crew models. The smallest horsepower range was rated at 202 hp. This level was improved up to 300 before the 2010 year. The reman Triton truck motors we have on sale are all OEM condition. This means they are complete pullouts that have been reconditioned by our team.

Warranty Period for Motors

Everything second hand should be protected from parts failure. Sadly, that is not the case. Too many people are taken advantage of when buying a replacement truck engine. We respect consumers. It is easy to sell a poor condition block. It is harder to recondition one to make it like new again. We take that effort seriously. Our engineering procedures include all automaker updates. This keeps the quality at a higher level.

A person will find more than a 2005 Triton engine included in our warehouse. We have the classic and late model blocks available too. Each of these models comes with a third-party plan for parts protection. At the very minimum, we provide this to all people who choose PTG as a sales resource.

Cost to Swap an F-Series Engine

When comparing two companies, price always comes up. Just because one place has a low MSRP does not mean the condition of the unit is better. Some people include freight charges in the price while others will not. There is much to consider before ordering any automotive component. PowertrainGuys.com has the best price finder on the market. This system is free of charge and is great for comparisons.

We do offer support by phone too. A VIN number is always best to use in order to get accurate cost data. Our specialist who rebuild every motor handle the customer service. Questions about the process or how much shipping charges will be are simple to ask. No unfriendly salespeople work for our company. A locked in price is the best way to estimate the cost to remove and install a Ford F150 truck engine.