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200R4 Transmission for Sale

The 200R4 transmission was built by General Motors in the year 1981. This model was an upgrade to the turbo hydramatic editions used since the 1970s. As a four-speed overdrive gearbox, this edition was one of the final builds prior to using electronics to control shifting. A person can still locate a 200R4 transmission for sale by taking advantage of the used inventory offered here at Powertrain Guys.

Specs of the 200R4 THM Gearbox

Hydraulic controls were a major component in the THM series. A single wire that provides 12 volts of power was linked directly to the torque converter. This was the set up that General Motors preferred for its units produced in the entire 1980s decade. A person seeking a cost-effective method for swapping a defective unit will likely buy model as preowned.

It takes six quarts of oil to properly fill the TH200R4 assembly. The bell housing is slightly larger due to the larger motor blocks found paired with the 200-R4 series. The length of the transmission is about 27 inches and the housing is 19 inches. These measurements are for the OEM products installed by GM and not rebuilt versions.

Problems With 200R4 Assemblies

Any automotive component that is installed with a performance motor can be susceptible to certain types of heat damage. The 4-speed THM units are no different and can have oil issues. A person who does not properly take care of the assembly can have overheating problems. It only takes a small fluid leak to cause major gear damage.

Some automotive owners or mechanics prefer to purchase aftermarket oil pans to take care of the oil problems that are common. By changing out the pan to a larger size, the assembly can hold more oil to reduce burn off or overheating. Companies that rebuild turbo hydramatic products often redo the stock oil pan.

Vehicles That Accept a 4-Gear THM

Pontiac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and other brands of GM automobiles built since the 1980 year can accept the 200R4 transmissions for sale on this website. Because of changes in the early 1990s, the hydraulic powered gearboxes were terminated and replaced with electronic solenoid versions. Some pickup trucks have also been matched with the 4-gear THM.

Buy Used 200R4 Transmissions for Sale

People should never pay full MSRP for a preowned automobile transmission. It is true that purchasing any component on the secondary market will come with a reduced sale price. PowertrainGuys.com has direct supplier relationships to help keep pricing minimized. The distribution of any classic components found on this website takes place through junkyards.

A complete review of updated sale pricing and warranty documentation can be performed through the parts locator tool on this website. If a person has a question prior to ordering, a customer service specialist is available daily to handle any request. The toll-free telephone number supplied here is always answered quickly and professionally.