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2AZ FE Engine for Sale

Toyota used its 2.4L DOHC 2AZ FE engine inside of many automobiles. This four-cylinder block is known for its low vibration and SFI fuel injection platform. People have a lot of confidence in this series because it has been tested for a number of years. Looking for a replacement in the right place will help someone get a 2AZ FE engine for sale online. Buy one here cheap with low mileage.

2.4L 155HP Toyota Specs

Part of the reason that the I4 is reliable is its fuel economy. Toyota uses JIT inventory systems that make sure no parts are just sitting inside of its factories. A lot of tests have proven that the sequential fuel injection system mixed with the proprietary VVT-i result in good MPG. Other people like this block since it is time tested in multiple automobiles.

Only one vehicle ID number is used to catalog the 2.4L. To identify the unit, VIN E 5th digit should be part of a stock number. This is how someone can tell which unit to purchase. Fans of the compact and SUV vehicle platform at Toyota are likely familiar with the 2AZ-FE block.

Cars That Accept 2AZ FE Motors

The Camry is probably the most well known for using the I4 series for long time. In between manufacturing for this car, others were selected to further promote the 2.4. The Rav4, Matrix, Corolla and Scion are just a portion of the brands that used 2AZ FE motors inside. Success was built with these editions in the United States as well as in Japan.

Before any attempt is made at a swap, cross referencing the car data with what is in stock here is helpful. It is too easy to buy the wrong size motor. The mounts and OEM parts that are on each build are not always compatible. It is tempting to do a DIY install, but covering all the bases is a good first step.

Warranty for Toyota Motors

How long does a Toyota motor warranty last? When orders get placed here, the time is around three years after purchase. An activation of the plan is required to be processed when ordering is complete. This lets Powertrain Guys know who wants the long-term plan and who does not. There is zero fees for this service, and we are happy to do it.

Buy Used 2AZ FE Engines

Lock in a sale price today. The regular MSRP is usually discounted pretty low. We have to hide our pricing to make it more competitive for resellers. If everyone knew about sales, we would not have much inventory left for consumers. Immediately go into the computer for price quotes on the top of this page. It holds all essential information. A buy button is even given to people who would rather purchase through the e-commerce platform here.