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2RZFE Engine for Sale

Toyota Tacoma used the 2RZFE 2.4L engine during its initial years of production. Starting in 1995, the four-cylinder block was the perfect fit for the compact truck brand. Before pickup trucks were using 4×4 V6 builds, the smaller versions ruled the world. Someone can buy a 4×2 2RZFE engine for sale in used condition at PowertrainGuys.com.

Regular Cab or Xtra Cab Engines

Toyota placed its 2.4-liter edition into more than one trim edition truck. The base unit was given to regular cab buyers. The total output was 142 horsepower for the first generation models. Because the block was a DOHC (dual overhead cam) design, it was also used for the xtra cab versions.

The compression ratio is 9:5:1 for the basic I4. This was modified slightly when the V6 was installed during the second generation of manufacturing. Before the 2.7-liter block was offered, it was the 2RZFE that was most in demand. People can still buy these and larger 5.7L V8 motors as second hand versions on this website.

Low Mileage Tacoma 2.4 Engines

Too high of a mileage count on a motor can cause some serious problems. After the 75,000 mileage point, many things can start to go wrong. If rust or other problems are also present, the value of a used Tacoma engine can seriously go down. PTG has salvage yards in its team of suppliers that build the inventory up that is for sale on this page.

One of the first things people ask about is mileage. The most trusted way to protect automotive parts is through a warranty program. The policies that are given free of charge to shoppers on this portal are long lasting. This means that for two years people do not worry about replacing parts with out of pocket expenses.

Used 2.4L Toyota Tacoma Engines OEM

Price research is pretty generic on the Internet. Most companies list a base retail price then jack up the total when shipping is included. For most people, MSRP listed here includes freight costs. Lift gate service is always recommended for any residential or business delivery.

To get an idea of what a preowned block will cost, use the quotes tools found here. It is easy to input a VIN number and a model of a Tacoma truck. Once this data is supplied, a price is extracted from the warehouse database. If further details are required, dialing the toll-free number available is the best offline method for price exploration.