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3.4 Liter V6 Engine for Sale

The 3.4 is a V6 engine sometimes called the 3400 by GM. It was for sale in a multitude of motor vehicles since 1993. The Generation I manufacturing output by General Motors was responsible for building this series. There are four different RPO codes that can identify the 3.4 liter V6 engine for sale on this website. They are listed for reference.

Specs of the GM 3.4 Motor

The motor was installed as the famous 60-degree angle. It carries a 9:5:1 compression ratio. Like most GM builds, it used hydraulic lifters in conjunction with the camshaft. The 3.4 is a OHV block that has 204 cubic inches inside. There is a water cooling to prevent the unit from overheating at high temperatures.

Aluminum is the metal alloy used to build the cam on the V6. The cast iron block was standard on the Generation I and II designs. The weight is not as heavy as some of the other 6 cylinder units in production. The 3400 can be pulled rather easily and changed out.

RPO Codes for V6 Blocks

You should know which 3.4 motor to buy prior to swapping out an original. The following RPO codes can be utilized to choose the correct block here:


In crate form or just a pullout, the GM 3.4 engine is a trustworthy product. No widespread problems were ever reported nationally. While some drivers will always be unhappy, most of the people who have owned the assembly are pleased.

Warranty for GM Engines

Powertrain Guys is a drivetrain component supplier. What this refers to is that we sell the engine block, drive shafts, transmissions and anything required to make a vehicle perform. Anyone planning to shop with us should know about the long-term warranty.

At the point of sale, a person gets full support from our company. The terms and condition of this is always distributed. The documentation describes all of what is covered and anything that is not. You can avoid most problems by not abusing the motor during your usage period.

Buy 3400 Used Motors

You will be able to order once you get your price quote. On top of this page sits a quote tool. Go into it to pull out your special price. We allow customization because there are so many RPO codes for the 3.4 GM motor. Tell us what you have. We then tell you how much it costs. Call our company by phone to complete the last step of your order.

Anyone who has a question will find the answer to it on this page. If the mileage or other data is not provided, we can discuss this with you on a phone call. Let PTG be your preferred partner when it comes to purchasing replacement General Motors parts.