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3.5 Intrepid Engine for Sale

The Intrepid by Dodge used two engine types of the 3.5 while on sale through Chrysler dealerships in the USA. The base model automobiles carried what was known as the standard EGJ edition. The performance, or high-output (HO), offered the EGG series. On this Powertrain Guys website, you can find a 3.5 Intrepid engine for sale.

Specs of the 3.5 V6

According to the specs, the manufacturing of the larger V6 took place between 1999 and 2004. This was the period of time when Chrysler was overcoming problems with the 2.7 liter V6 engine. Changing the output to 200 hp up to 250 horsepower was a smart decision that consumers responded to well. Even the Dodge Intrepid transmission benefited.

There are 24 total valves in the Intrepid V6 block. Each of these variants has the same multi-port fuel injection system installed. In most sedan vehicles, the 9:9:1 compression ratio was enough to offer superior performance. The Base, R/T and ES trim supplied a standard or upgraded 3.5 liter engine as part of the package.

Second Hand Dodge Engines

PTG is a secondary resource for consumers and automotive professionals. The history of the Dodge Intrepid does include long-running blocks that are relatively free of common errors. The OEM manufacturing that Chrysler initiated sealed the reputation of the company as a whole. Every used condition Intrepid auto engine that is listed here is hand-picked for quality and low mileage.

Through a parts warranty process, consumers receive protection from unexpected failures. While it is hard to know just how long a component can last, the coverage plans provided do offer a basic peace of mind for customers. Each supplier that is in charge of the final distribution of ordered inventory handles warranty claims.

The recyclers and junk yard personnel that choose the motors that are listed on this page are professional people. Only the top condition units that people can depend on are retailed and distributed. Every Dodge 3.5 V6 that is available goes through an independent certification process to judge its condition.

Buy Intrepid Motors Used

PowertrainGuys.com does its best to introduce regular people to quality products that can be installed into Chrysler automobiles, the block, transmission and other parts are typically in stock or can be located through a network dealer. Get a price quote by using the open source computer system on this page. A log in to this computer is not required.

If a vehicle identification number is not available, orders and inquiries can still take place. The internal parts information that is used will help determine what the stock number is that matches a specific model year of a vehicle.

Once a person is satisfied with the sticker price, a call to place an order can be completed. Knowledgable people who know the ins and outs of the V6 blocks take all calls and process orders. Delivery timetables and actual parts coverage terms can be discussed over-the-phone with these associates. Get a sale price right now.