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3.6 LY7 Engine for Sale

GM offers its 3.6 engine block for sale as a High Feature assembly. The LY7 RPO code separates this unit from the other classes of motors that are produced. First manufactured in 2004, this series has quickly gained traction as a reliable force in the United States and European markets. On this page, there is a 3.6 LY7 engine for sale.

Specs of the 3.6 V6

The base compression is 10:2:1 although this number is not set in stone. Since General Motors uses this series in the Buick, Pontiac and Cadillac brands, the size of the vehicle is what can determine the compression rating. All versions are SFI fuel injection and are dual overhead cam. The position is the typical 60-degree slant found in many automobiles.

The block does have an aluminum head and casing. The minimum horsepower amount is 230, but as much as 275 is output from some vehicle models. The cubic inch displacement consists of 217 without affecting the fuel economy. The used LY7 motors that are on sale on this website will fit into the following vehicles:


Without oil inside, the weight of the 3.6 by GM is about 360 pounds. A swap can take place if someone has the right tools to remove a defective unit. Most mechanics prefer to drop in the HFV6 due to the controlled environment. A consumer who deals with leaking valves and timing issues might benefit from a total swap of their V6 block.

3.6 VVT Warranty Plan

An order that comes through here at PTG includes more than just the standard specs. A warranty that is designed to provide protection for covered parts is provided. Each supplier that produces a price quote and ultimately a sale is responsible for the coverage package supplied. While terms can vary, all people are presented with a base plan at the time of ordering.

Every LY7 engine for sale ready for shipment here is inspected before it is packed up. A professional teams evaluates the condition and does a thorough job to crate up the block. No unqualified people are part of the processing chain when moving the inventory to the shipping department for future deliveries.

Buy Used 3.6 V6 Engines

Prices are not equal in the secondary market. The automobile suppliers and wholesalers that offer inventory have different schedules of MSRP to work with. The best way to get updated information is to get a secure quote using the database displayed on this page. PTG has entered its partner companies to help consumers find a VIN match.

Each product that can be ordered is referenced by a code number that is always verified. It is this detailed process that makes ordering easier than trying to bid on an eBay auction. A regular mechanic or car owner that requires a replacement 3.6 motor can find a low mileage variant here. Questions or a direct order can be submitted by using the telephone number displayed.