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3.7 Acura MDX Engine Sale

Acura debuted its 3.7 V6 engine in its MDX for sale in 2007. This VTEC block was upgraded from the standard edition found in most luxury SUV vehicles. With its AWD capability, consumers were pleased with how this Honda produced vehicle performed on the open road. PTG has a 3.7 Acura MDX engine for sale at an affordable price here. Use a mobile phone or a regular computer to generate a fast quote online.

Specs of the 3.7 VTEC

Due to the full-size frame of the MDX, the decision to go with a 300 horsepower block was finalized. By adding in the 11:2:1 compression, the SOHC 24 valve was given the chance to shine. The 6300 RPM offers nothing but pure power to vehicle owners. The second generation manufacturing concreted the future of the Acura MDX SUV. The improved V6 is an upgrade to the 2.4 found in the TSX.

Someone who plans to buy a used 3.7 engine should know that the five-speed and six-speed transmissions were commonly utilized. The block code on the V6 itself is J37A1. It is getting increasingly difficult and expensive to use a dealership to find replacement components. PTG satisfies the immediate needs of the general public by offering second hand MDX V6 motors on the web.

SUV Motor Parts Warranties

Along with the standard crate and delivery service, all buyers who choose to shop here are given a warranty plan. There are no fees included with this service. What this policy gives is a chance for all people to have a general sense of security when ordering a preowned VTEC engine on the Internet.

While terms do vary from partner to partner, the vast majority of consumers get the full-term benefits of a plan. All shipping terms and other information related to a sale is given in advance. It should be a pain-free experience when swapping out a 3.7 liter V6 block for an Acura vehicle.

Too many people make mistakes early on and end up getting a bad motor. Unless something is listed as OEM, it is a big gamble to even try and mess with a remanufactured or recycled block. PTG acquires pullouts through a wider network of companies in North America to present a more targeted range of products to used parts buyers.

Used Acura V6 Price Quotes

Even though the 3.5 what is used in newer vehicles, any person using this PowertrainGuys.com website is still at an advantage. Since there are scrap yards and secondary sources where we find inventory, there will always be a supply of good-working builds to select between. A full price quote is just a quick away on this page.

Enter as much vehicle information as you can to ensure that the price calculator will function properly. Calling into our office and speaking with our parts reps is an excellent way to have questions answered on the spot. Important data like freight costs, core charges and lift gate services can be uncovered with a call.