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3.8L V6 Chrysler Engine for Sale

The V6 design of the 3.8L Chrysler auto engine was used in several vehicle types. It was introduced as a push rod block in the year 1991. The last year that this edition was produced was the 2011 year. The switch to the Pentastar platform is now underway. Powertrain Guys has discounts on its 3.9L V6 Chrysler engine for sale inventory. Get your price now.

The total number of cubic inches in the design is 230. This build should not be confused with the supercharged 3800. A person who needs to match a vehicle ID number can find the right motor to buy. There are two numbers that show up more often than other ones. These are the VIN P 8th digit and the VIN L 8th digit.

Used 3.8L Low Mileage Blocks

There are several ways to swap out a motor in a van or sedan vehicle. Anyone who owns or works on a Pacifica, Town and Country or Caravan can find a unit here. These have been verified for the count of mileage. This is an essential piece of information for the public to know. There are auction types of websites that never list previous mileage.

What is provided on behalf of our company is junk yard inventory. This is acquired by using a good team of partners. The companies that are working with us are excellent. They have their own dismantler or mechanic that takes off components that are resold. Every motor is a complete unit and is not rebuilt.

Chrysler V6 Parts Warranty

What comes on the block is under warranty. The coverage is underwritten through our distribution agents. No claims are made that every block is in pristine condition. There can be surface rust and other slight cosmetic defects. The reality is that these are preowned 3.8 engines. The builds are ready for an install right after delivery. The warranty is free.

Buy 3.8 Liter Chrysler Engines

Fast price quotes happen on this portal. Nothing is outdated. Instead of going with a Buy it now on eBay, use the PTG system to compare MSRP. The guarantee that we provide is given to every customer in the United States and Canada. Shopping for second hand Chrysler motors has never been so easy. What is not featured on this page can be procured by calling our service department by phone right now. Let us impress you in every way.