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3T40 Transmission for Sale

The three-speed 3T40 transmission was very popular at GM. This build was formerly called the TH125. In 1992, big changes took place that changed how gearboxes were referenced. General Motors ended up marketing the very 3T40 transmission for sale on this page. These are offered as rebuilt or used to PTG buyers.

The hydramatic series of gearboxes were doing well decades before controls were set by electronics. The use of hydraulic controls was a standard for a number of years. The converter clutches were a type of technology on some variations of the AWD 125C gearboxes. GM made the transverse units electronic for better stability.

Reconditioned THM Gearboxes

There were cars and vans that ended up having the 3T40 installed. Although this was only a 3-gear model, it was tuned just right for a variety of motor vehicles. It was the electro-controlled 4T40E that put the turbo-hydramatic model to bed for good in 1995.

Even though mass production is not in force, there are many ways that a person can find a rebuilt 3T40 transmission online. Without checking our inventory, there are retailers and single shop owners that provide variations of these assemblies. PTG owns its own equipment and facility to rebuild all models.

Free GM 3T40 Warranty

We believe in the quality of our work. Nothing gets past our rebuilding professionals. From the start of a build, care and attention are two of the most essential things. Cleaning and replacing components is a delicate job. The time and effort that we put into the mechanical engineering does pay off.

A long-term option for warranty protection does exist with our inventory. We specify the length when an official price is estimated here online. This gives people enough assurance that substituting a worn out three-speed gearbox with preowned or rebuilt is a good option.

Buy Authentic 3T40 Transmissions

It is not too difficult to buy a kit and call something rebuilt. There are low budget packages on sale on the web everywhere. Taking something that used to be in bad shape and making it almost new again is the process of refurbishing. PowertrainGuys.com leads the market in the Midwest for GM gearboxes.

Everything we provide is authentic. Even the used assemblies. Quotes are distributed through our computer on this website. Take a look around and find out what we can offer. We do a lot of our support by way of telephone too. This covers the best of both words for our clients. From accelerated shipments to long-term relationships, nothing less is acceptable here.