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4.0 Ford Mustang Engine for Sale

Ford used its 4.0 OHV in the Mustang starting in 2005. A replacement was needed for the outdated Essex 3.8. With a smaller and fuel efficient V6, more people were able to experience the excitement of owning a sports cars. For people who want to find a replacement block, a 4.0 Ford Mustang engine for sale is always in stock here online.

Specs of the Cologne V6

The horsepower was rated only at 160. This is according to the SAE. Not only was the body style changed, but the motor in the 2005 and up cars changed too. A coupe and convertible option was given to buyers. This was expected to appeal to more women.

The 4.0 based Mustang used a 5R55S transmission. This Select-Shift version was a new concept. Previously, a series of 5-speed and 6-speed gearboxes were common. The Pony trim was the most common to find during the middle 2000s. The 9:0:1 compression and the 245 CID were engraved into the minds of all owners.

Swapping a Mustang Motor

People who have never undertaken the task of pulling out an engine are in for a real surprise. The job can be completed although it does take some work. Before hooking up the chains, a block needs to be purchased. PTG retails only used Mustang engines online. There are rebuilt ones only not here.

The most important thing to get with a replacement V6 is a warranty. Even though the blocks are fairly new, each has a set level of mileage. It is repeated wear and tear that make parts die faster than normal. The warranty is supposed to be similar to what someone would get a dealership. Warranty periods for stock on hand here average from one to three years.

4.0 Mustang Engine Problems

Very few issues have been reported during the life of the 4.0 V6. Some people have had overheating, knocking noises or sluggish starts. These can usually be remedied at a local dealership. This does not mean that every second hand model will have an issue. To prevent our customers from such problems, evaluations take place on all in stock units.

Buy Replacement 4.0 Engines Here

A fair price, a warranty and fast shipping. Those are just three things that we guarantee each person shopping here. We throw in good customer service and experienced experts as part of the deal. Anyone can call us before or even after a sale to speak about the 4.0 motors we sell.

To get a quote online, use the locator database we provide. We do not want someone paying too much for overhead valve inventory.