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4.0L Ford Explorer Engine On Sale

The Explorer SUV used a 4.0L Cologne engine from 1991 to 2000. People who search for this motor have different options. An upgraded edition known as the SOHC is also available. Regardless of which block is required, a 4.0L Ford Explorer engine is always on sale at PowertrainGuys.com.

The trusted 4.0 had been used for about a decade at Ford before being installed into the Explorer. Both the two-door and five-door models had the large V6. The 2WD and 4WD Explorer utilized the same block although the transmissions were different. Gearboxes from Mazda were incorporated into the first-run models.

Second Generation Changes

Around the year 2000, Ford started adding a V8 into the mix. The Windsor series was perfectly suited for the SUV sport models. More power was something that customers asked for and they eventually received it. There is still quite a loyal following of people who do prefer the vintage Cologne V6 though.

The overhead valve 160 horsepower or modified single overhead cam 205 hp is in stock and ready to ship here. The base and sport trim versions are supported with our preowned inventory. This gives the average person enough wiggle room to buy a block without breaking the bank.

Used Explorer Motors with Warranties

When a component breaks, it is hard to detect sometimes. A sensor might alert a vehicle owner that an issue exists, but a diagnostic test is the best way to find out what is going on. For people who buy used Explorer engines online, the chances of getting a test prior to ordering is slim to none.

PTG supplies a warranty policy over a long-term schedule. This does offer someone up to three years of protection for most original components. The discontinuance of the OHV in the year 2001 means that most OEM warranties from Ford are terminated.

Buy Complete 4.0 Explorer SUV Engines

A sales staff answers every call placed into our call center. These men and women care about consumers. Putting the needs of people over a potential commission is what they do. More than a thousand junk yards and other resources help us fill up our modern inventory of motors to sell.

We developed our Internet quotation system last year to speed up processing. In just two easy steps, our fair and accurate pricing is delivered. Without giving away any personal details, a person can use this system more than once for multiple comparisons. Try it out.