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4.1 Buick V6 Engine for Sale

The 4.1 is a Buick engine in V6 size that was for sale between 1980 and 1984. It was designed to be the fuel-efficient version of the regular 3.8 liter block. These assemblies are not rare, but they are not in active production any longer. Only vehicles built for RWD power held the 4.1 Buick V6 engine for sale that you will find on this website.

Specs of the 4.1 Liter

GM introduced the larger 6 cylinder to a lukewarm consumer review. The compression was fixed at a respected 8:0:1 type. What made this block unique is that while it was naturally aspirated it also included a 4bbl carburetor fuel system. The cast iron block was equipped with 252 CID on all versions. The RPO code for the 4.1 engine is LC4.

125 horsepower was the maximum power available at 4000 RPM. This was becoming a standard at General Motors due to higher fuel costs to consumers. Vehicles that were meant to showcase performance while maintaining adequate fuel levels had the Buick V6 placed inside.

Cars Compatible with LC4 Blocks

The 1982 Grand National was one of the first builds to popularize the new technology in the larger but fuel-friendly V6. Production moved on to include the LeSabre, Electra, Regal and Riviera motor vehicles. GM even moved manufacturing to the Oldsmobile and Cadillac brands to build a wider profit margin.

PTG has an inventory through its partners for anyone who wants to buy an LC4 engine for sale. Junk yards that support local and national orders provide the units that are placed through this portal. This means that locating a 4.1 liter Buick V6 for a good price is a reality.

Warranty for Buick Motors

Consumers using the automotive resources that are located here do receive a warranty plan. The companies and suppliers that handle the actual freight forwarding and order processing set the term limits for coverage. All details about things not covered in each plan can be inquired about once a price quote is processed.

Prices for 4.1L Inventory Here

The best way to locate inventory and find out what it costs is to use our dedicated computer. This costs nothing to utilize. No limits are placed on what can be quoted or how many requests can be submitted. Once a VIN match is complete, the phone number to call to order is then displayed in the quotation. It is much simpler to use this method rather than calling 100 different salvage yards that deal in replacement Buick engines.

A helpful associate will provide details about mileage and where shipments can be routed. Give PowertrainGuys.com a chance to impress you with our established parts network. It is harder and harder to find good parts for a fair price these days. While vintage components can be harder to find, it is not impossible when you know the sources to use.