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Used 4.2 Vortec Engine for Sale

GM built and used its 4.2 engine block as a Vortec series. It was for sale starting in 2002. The block itself is a dual overhead cam (DOHC) model. This unit is one of the very last inline 6 cylinder assemblies produced in the United States. While the build is powerful and dependable, it is no longer being manufactured. To buy a used 4.2 Vortec engine for sale, use the checkout system on this page.

4200 Motor Specs

Horsepower is the one component that people appreciate in larger cast aluminum motors. Keeping the weight down while still offering performance is sometimes a hard trade off. General Motors placed 254 cubic inches in the 4.2 liter I6. The speed levels are 270 hp for a base unit and up to 291 hp for a late model one.

The RPO LL8 engine is one that is held to high regard by some auto owners. Since it is a modern day product, things like a MAF sensor and VVT are included. There were many installations of this first generation Atlas family build. Consumers can still locate a used 4.2 Vortec engine right here at PTG.

Vortec Compatible Vehicles

The GMT360 platform meant that the chassis was built for heavy weight vehicles. In the first part of the early 2000s, brand names like Isuzu and Oldsmobile were still a force in the GM company. It was, therefore, a given to install the 4.2 liter engine block into SUVs and other top quality vehicles at the time.

A person who is trying to locate a replacement block that fits a certain vehicle should know and understand compatibility. The last of the Vortec 4200 blocks were able to fit into the following listing of vehicles in the USA:


Just like the 4.2 Vortec engine specs have stated, you get what you pay for when you go with a trusted company. There are offshoots of I6 blocks that were marketed and were ceased from production. Knowing how and when to promote new technology is something that has helped GMC and similar brands to prosper.

Buy 4.2 GM Motors Here

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