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4.3 L35 Engine Used

The L35 V6 is a 4.3L engine built by GM in 1996 and used in multiple motor vehicles. While the Vortec brand was already established, a change to the heads on the block were the biggest difference between late model builds. Many people still search the secondary inventory from salvage yards to find a 4.3L L35 engine used. PTG supplies 6-cylinder builds for sale on this website.

Specs for the 4.3-Liter Block

While there are different variations of the 4.3 motor series, there are major variances in the horsepower ratings. The L35 series features the 180, 190 and 200 horsepower range. This division of power is supported with the 9:2:1 ratio for compression. This setup was standard on all units produced between 1996 and 2002. The RPM rating is fixed between 4440 and 4600.

The late model 4.3-liter V6 blocks that featured the Vortec heads were manufactured with a sequential fuel injection system. This electronic unit was created to perform better than the TBI units that were used on other versions of 6-cylinder blocks in the General Motors family. Some third-party upgrades are available that supplied a reworked camshaft although these were not standard on the OEM installations.

Vehicles Using 4.3 L35 Engines

The most successful motor vehicles produced during the production run of the 4.3L block included the C/K, Silverado, Astro and Safari vans, S10, Blazer, GMC Jimmy, Sonoma, Bravada and Chevy Express vans. This complete range of vehicles using the Vortec version of the L35 are all supported with the used motors inventory on sale at this Powertrain Guys website.

Some common issues have plagued the Vortec platform for decades at GM. The most common being a poorly designed EGR valve. While this is a simple fix for most dealerships, owners of vehicles who experience this known engine problem typically pay out-of-pocket repair expenses if a warranty is not in place. Every component that is included in the used 4.3L engines on sale at this website receives regular warranty protection.

Buy Preowned 6-Cylinder L35 Motors

It pays to have relationships with wholesalers, junkyards and other acquisition professionals of used condition motor blocks nationally. Through sales to vehicle mechanics, SUV owners and resellers of OEM automotive parts, PTG has been able to create a niche in the preowned components industry in North America. By establishing a simple to use website, all factory inventory can be found using tools supplied here.

What is the average mileage for a Vortec engine? How much does it cost to ship a 4.3L motor? Is the MFI fuel injection system reliable on the L35 block? Consumers hoping to locate direct answers to these types of general questions will find all information when using the price estimator tool found here. A real customer service agent is also available each day to answer questions by telephone for any product that has been produced over the past three decades in the auto industry.