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4.3 Liter Chevy Engine On Sale Used

Many Chevy automobiles used the 4.3 liter engine block inside. Sale options included more than one fuel system per brand. Everything from a carburetor to electronic fuel injection has been tested and installed on the Vortec block. The history of the V6 is hard to deny at General Motors because of the quality. From this website, you can buy a 4.3 liter Chevy engine on sale shipped anywhere in North America.

Specs of the 4.3 V6 Block

GM put out a lot of RPO codes that identify which version of the 4.3 was manufactured. The general specs include a 262 cubic inch design. The horsepower did change often as upgrades in technology took place. The 155 hp to 200 hp is the best range available. For a block that is preowned, this is the highest speed level that can be reached.

The 4300 V6 Chevy motor can be identified by one of the various internal code numbers in the following list:


As the strongest and most reliable 6 cylinder, the Vortec brand survived for many years. Chevrolet and other subsidiaries hit sales goals based on the consumer perception of the 4.3 base. Apart from the V8 units, no other assembly has been quite as popular.

Swapping the Chevy 4.3

You can pull out a block, hoist it up and then drop it into your vehicle of choice. In the case of the General Motors brands, most of the same positioning of the transmission and chassis were noticeable. There were not big changes to the mounts on any of the 60-degree options.

You can install the used 4.3 Chevy motors that well sell in the following vehicles:

C/K truck
G van
El Camino

You are not limited to anything that appears on this list. You can do your own research or ask questions on vehicle forums. There are custom installations that body shops and other professionals can do when asked. Never be afraid to experiment.

Buy Crate 4.3 Chevy Motors

Nothing listed here is in a kit form. The block is complete and has all OEM components attached. The word crate just means it is delivered on a wooden pallet. You can then install the V6 into whatever vehicle you have. You are buying preowned and will receive a factory warranty plan. It is administered by PTG or through our suppliers.

No hidden charges or high shipping fees are payable. Take a look at our various discounts through usage of the database we have set up. It is one of the fastest methods that we know of to generate a price quote. Let our team know by phone when you would like to place an order. We are never undersold for our GM parts inventory.