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4.3 V6 Blazer Engine for Sale

The 4.3 is a V6 engine used mostly in the Blazer by Chevy. The sale nationwide of the mid-size vehicle was essential to the success of GM. Changes to the body platform as well as the performance were things that helped the sport utility vehicle class to prosper. Right from this page, anyone can buy a 4.3 V6 Blazer engine for sale. All inventory is either rebuilt or preowned depending on the VIN number.

Vortec 4300 Specs

190 horsepower appears in the LU3 edition of the 4.3 liter motor. The trim levels of LS, LT and Trailblazer each offered the newly designed engine package. Anything built after the year 2002 was hand-picked to hold these second generation blocks. While General Motors added sensors and other options, the motor still had the classic Vortec base.

The 4L60E automatic transmission was the main assembly hooked up to the V6 in the late model Blazer. There was a five speed option that was available at some dealerships, but the usage of this model never quite caught on. Any person who plans to swap out a unit for a better one might find that quality differs between dealers.

Chevy Blazer Parts Warranties

The warranty period at a dealership typically lasts about three years. This period of time was set in stone to protect what might fail when high mileage is a factor. The real truth is that owners of the 4.3 Blazer SUVs still have options when components need to be replaced. The plans of coverage offered with sales referred through Powertrain Guys are setup for buyer protection.

While a head gasket can leak, it is not normal for a used or reconditioned motor to have these problems. When a build is removed from a vehicle at a junk yard, a procedure for testing and overviewing the block is enacted. An accurate estimation of mileage and the exact condition of the parts is always noted.

Replacement 4.3 Complete Motor

What inventory is listed here in stock is described in a basic way. Because more than one salvage dealer expedites inventory to delivery destinations, some slight differences can be found. What happens when a quote is prepared for a consumer is the vehicle ID number is researched. This extra step is offered at no charge to guarantee part numbers match up.

The current selling price for anything available to order on this page is available on request. Someone who appreciates calling by phone can contact the PTG customer service department. There is no obligation to order, and web sticker pricing is generated in real time using the computer tool found here. Questions or other concerns are always addressed prior to completing an order for a vehicle owner, body shop manager or mechanic.

OEM Blocks Best Price

Full drop-in ready motors for Chevrolet vehicles are priced here daily. OEM is the only inventory type that is supplied. Call by phone or use any device connected to the Internet to request the best sale price that is possible.