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4.6 Triton Engine for Sale

The Triton engine block by Ford was for sale in 4.6 size between 1997 and 2003. It is also called the Modular V8 in other subsidiary vehicles. The installations that took place during the time when this block was built were exclusive to the F-Series pickup trucks. The reliability and excellent fuel economy pushed sales up during a six-year run. Buy a 4.6 Triton engine for sale here at Powertrain Guys online.

Specs of the 4.6 Triton Block

Many of the V8 products that Ford has produced have made the Ward’s Best list. The 4.6 liter is a 16-valve block. It was offered in 2-valve and 3-valve designs when inside of the F150. The compression is 9.8.1 spread out over the cast iron block. The heads are aluminum like on most modern day motors.

When you total up the cubic inches, you will find that 281 appear in the Modular V8. The revolutions per minute (RPM) did not go past 4750. The initial horsepower that was added to the unit was 220 hp although some trucks could be boosted up to 231 hp. The Triton name was also attached to the 5.4 during its run inside of F-Series pickup trucks.

Swapping the Triton Motor

Ford truck owners rarely swap the V8 for something smaller. The mounts are all different, but failures of parts can be too expensive to keep replacing. There are not too many defects that were announced during the production of the 4.6 as a main motor. In almost every case, people hang on to their Triton as long as possible because they are hard to find used.

Replacing the assembly should only be a job undertaken by someone who can drop in the motor without making modifications. PTG even agrees to ship out units in stock to mechanics and other facilities in case a truck owner is not doing his or her own repair work.

Buy Used 4.6 Truck Engines

Not shopping here is a guarantee that you pay way too much elsewhere. We have already secured what might be considered as the best price for a used Triton motor available. The junk dealers and other sources we are utilizing to build our own warehouse help us accomplish abetter price structure. We know that consumers depend on saving their cash.

You get a quote through use of our web tool. Enter the year of your F-Series truck. Take note of the transmission size. We check compatibility on our end, so that we do not send out the wrong VIN for your vehicle. When you are comfortable, call us over the phone to start processing your order. Our used Ford engines sale pricing is exclusive to our company.