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4.7L Dodge Engine Used Sale V8

The 4.7L is a Dodge vehicle engine used first in 1999. This bigger V8 made its way into Jeep vehicles codenamed the PowerTech. Like most late model motors, the block is constructed from cast iron. The fixed aluminum heads are standard on the 90-degree slant. The history and legacy of this edition will live on thanks to support from retailers. You can buy a 4.7L Dodge engine in used condition right from Powertrain Guys.

Dodge 4.7-Liter V8 Specs

The compression will vary between builds. This is due to horsepower modifications. The standard unit featured a 235 hp level. By the time that the HO (high output) version was constructed, up to 310 hp could be reached. Production continued on this single overhead cam edition until the year 2013. The oil pan uses about 6 quarts of oil.

There is inventory still available in North America through salvage yards. Chrysler no longer produces the bigger V8. Because there were so many Jeep and subsidiary vehicles marketing this block worldwide, there will be a surplus supply of the 4.7 liter for years to come.

4.7 Motor Compatible Vehicles

Between the years of 2000 and 2009, preference was given to a number of Dodge brand vehicles for the V8. Its popularity was not overshadowed by rival vehicle maker stock. The SUV and pickup truck manufacturing was helped by the use of the optional high-performance motors.

The following vehicles use the 4.7 liter Dodge engine:

– Dakota
– Ram
– Durango

The idea of swapping a smaller V6 for the V8 is one many people have. As long as the motor mounts and parts are the same, a general change can be made. Reading service manuals, forums and Dodge car club information can help a person thinking about a swap. VIN N and VIN P can differential which unit has the EGR valve.

Second Hand Dodge Engines

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Buy 4.7 Liter Dodge Blocks

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