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4.8 Vortec Engine for Sale

The 4.8 engine was built by GM and called a Vortec. It is on sale through Powertrain Guys online. There is a lot that one can learn when examining the recent V8 production in the USA. None of the household name pickups created over the past decade had a more powerful block than the 4800. You can buy a 4.8 Vortec engine for sale here.

Generation III references the construction that started in 1999 at General Motors. There are 293 cubic inches of displacement feature on the GM Vortec 4.8 engine block. The size stayed the same, but there were two separate RPO codes issued. The first being the LR4. The second being the L20.

Specs of the 4.8 Liter Vortec

285 horsepower at 6000 RPM is the maximum that someone can push this motor. The direct this unit faced under the hood is known as longitudinal. The Generation IV did continue with enhancements added to the 4.8. Owners of this assembly do not argue just how powerful it is during operation.

You can still find a 4.8 liter Vortec crate engine. Not all are complete though. Sometimes a retailer will just retail the empty block. There is nothing attached to it. In the case of PTG, you are getting the full pull out. These are drained of all fluids first. The crating procedure takes place and off to the warehouse stock goes.

GM Vehicles Using 4.8 Motors

The use in vans was limited to the Chevrolet Express. It did not cross over into other automobiles. The full-size sport utility vehicles were the first series to exclusively use the 4800 Vortec apart from pickup trucks.

All of these following editions can drop in the used 4.8L V8 blocks we have ready to ship:


Freight can be arranged for delivery to a home or business address. People appreciate this flexibility. How reliable is the 4.8 by Chevy? No major defects, flaws or recalls have been processed at GM for this build. It is therefore judged as a very reliable product.

Buy Used GM V8 Engines

We support 2002, 2003 and other production years. You have the choice to save instead of spending too much of your money. The very price that is displayed to anyone looking at this page is real. Nothing additional needs to be completed. The subtracted discount off the MSRP is then fixed for all buyers. Order placement will then happen.

Call our specialists today. You can use your VIN information or just some of the basics that you have. The computerized tools we put into place work very well. Have a Q&A with our reps about fixing up your Chevrolet or GMC automobile.