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440T4 Transmission for Sale

The 440T4 is a GM transmission with a four-speed build. The housing is aluminum and it was built in 1985. Before naming was changed, the Turbo Hydramatic ruled in hundreds of cars. People who seek out a 440T4 transmission for can buy one at Powertrain Guys.

The gearbox that replaced the THM440T4 was known as the 4T60. The reason for the replacement was that it was simply outdated. The need for controlling hydraulic pressure and speed through electronic means was too great. Most FWD vehicles that were equipped to accept a four-speed could use the 440T4.

Transverse THM Transmission

A throttle valve cable was standard on the THM gearboxes. This was way before solenoid were in use. This cable, known as a TV cable, helped to determine which points were relevant to shift into during operation. There were many luxuy automobiles that depended on the shifting inside of the 440T4 automatic transmission.

Cars using 440-T4 assemblies include:

– Buick
– Cadillac
– Oldsmobile
– Pontiac

PTG is one web source were used and rebuilt gearboxes can still be ordered. We own our own facility. The work that we accomplish is because of our customer base. Use with both I4 and V6 engines is what someone will get out of the assemblies that we sell.

Turbo Hydramatic Transmission Warranties

The preowned and especially refurbished units on sale here ship with warranties intact. All of the possible things that can go wrong are addressed in our policies. We know that people are inclined to order something that is guaranteed to work properly. The policies enacted through our service department are at zero cost to the public.

We check all gaskets. We make sure that oil is not leaking from the pan. During a swap, someone might run into a problem with a faulty solenoid with an eBay transmission. We check for this type of stuff too. It is through compression testing where we validate that our inventory is indeed better than average.

Prices for 440T4 Replacement Gearboxes

Anything built before the year 1992 can usually accept the THM assemblies. If someone does not have access to the ID tag, a call can be placed to our customer relations department. We will look into what is compatible and what is not. Price estimates are locked in when using our official sticker price tool here. Use this daily to lookup any of our products to find out our selling price.