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Used 44RE Transmission on Sale

The Dodge 44RE is a transmission used most often with V8 engines. This gearbox is a variant of the A904, but it has electronic controls. The Chrysler company is well known for its TorqueFlite technology. As a popular automatic assembly, the used 44RE transmission found for sale on this website is reliable. Any person living in North American can order these units without worry.

Specs of the 44RE

There are construction differences in the 4R series from Chrysler. The hydraulic governor system was phased out for electronic options in the 1990s. Along with the torque converter, the governor is speed controlled. Most of the late model 44RE transmissions have a programmed PCM. A throttle position sensor is the main source of information for the PCM.

Pressure curves were used to provided different power levels. During operation of the assembly, the right curve level is established. An overdrive switch was created to provide a boost in torque. A person who plans to swap the fluid in the 44RE tranny will need to use the right type.

Only Mopar ATF plus is the OEM fluid from Chrysler. It is also best to change at regular mileage intervals. The dealer manual often suggests certain maintenance options. A problem with finding preowned 4-speed assemblies online is the poor condition of some units.

Compatible Dodge Cars List

The Durango, Dakota and Grand Cherokee all used automatic 4-speed models. The late 1990s was a key time at Chrysler. Elements of success were shared across all current brands. It is quite common for someone to swap out a defective 44RE for one that has lower mileage. The builds in stock at PTG are cross compatible.

Reported problems with Dodge automatic gearboxes include:

1. Sluggish shifting
2. Failed TPS sensor
3. Poor lubrication
4. Defective solenoids

PowertrainGuys.com uses the finest distributors on the secondary market to offer inventory to consumers. It takes a lot time to build a reputation. Warranties are always included for what can be ordered here. This pleases people who worry about replacement parts being defective.

Buy 44RE Used Transmissions Here

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