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4F50N Transmission for Sale

The 4F50N is a Ford transmission used first in 2001. It was the official replacement for the AXFN found in Taurus vehicles. The length of production for this model lasted for a total of six years in North America. While there have been some reported issues, the reliability as an overdrive gearbox was undeniable. A used 4F50N transmission is for sale on this website.

Specs of the 4F50N

Production was stepped up in the late 1990s to improve build quality. Ford Has long been known for its four-speed gearboxes although not all were successful. The cross branding of the assemblies popularized the use in different automobiles.

The Lincoln and Mercury divisions were selected to promote the new edition 4F50N. This was supposed to be the flagship model aside from the AX4S. The best for this edition was the Duratec engine class. Ford Motor Company manufactured all models in the state of Michigan.

One good thing for car owners is that a supply of low mileage four-speed units exists in the USA. These builds are not yet obsolete. There is still a considerable demand. Picking out the right model that has been taken care of this important before a swap can be completed.

Automatic 4-Speed Issues

As technology has improved auto parts development, there are some flaws found in modern day transmissions. Lubrication is one constant issue that automobile owners deal with. Dried oil can damage gears and hoses. On an assembly with a lot of mileage, fluid dry out is a known issue.

Torque converter problems are known to plague the 4F50N units. Powertrain Guys has established working relationships with top salvage yards. This keeps out many of the bad products from the company warehouse. Most of what is offered for sale has gone through a proper evaluation procedure.

Buy Used 4-Speed Ford Gearboxes

Buying automotive components solely by browsing photographs is hard to do. It does not quite measure up to touching a part by hand. The only thing that retailers can do is provide exceptional service prior to and after an order is placed. PTG gives any person with an Internet connection the chance to evaluate low prices here online.

If someone knows the correct model number, a price is then displayed using the database system. Should a person have to call by phone, we have agents standing by at all times to offer information. People who pay too much for a used 4F50N Ford assembly do not know where to shop.