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Rebuilt 4L30E Transmission Good Inventory

The 4-speed GM transmission known as the 4L30E was built in the early 1990s. The very first installation for a subsidiary vehicle was the Isuzu Trooper. Manufacturing commenced in France where one of the largest facilities was located. At the start of 2001, a decision was made to no longer build the smaller 4L series. People coming here for inventory can buy a rebuilt 4L30E transmission at a low price point.

Data About 4L30E Gearboxes

Both North American and European installations were made by General Motors. The BMW series, Acura, Honda and Opel each utilized the power of the 4-gear assembly. Vehicles that were rear-wheel drive compatible often had the 4L30E behind the motor. A vehicle weight limit of about 7,150 pounds was the only requirement for using this unit.

Engine compatibility included gasoline and diesel blocks. The 4.1-liter was the largest equipped to handle the automatic 4-gear model. A three-way shift pattern through solenoid packs was the heart and soul of the assembly. A complete model that is refurbished is what can be ordered through this website.

Why People Swap the 4L30E

Not all problems have been noted publicly by GM or its subsidiaries. Some people go online and post horror stories about owning a longitudinal gearbox. When troubleshooting the 4L30E transmission, there are problems that seems to happen regularly.

The units for sale on this website do not feature the following issues:

1. Slipping out of gear
2. Hard shifting between gears
3. Solenoid failures
4. Failed vehicle speed sensor
5. Faulty PCM codes

Owning any gearbox can be problematic especially when the model is used. There is not much of a guarantee when ordering a preowned model unless a retailer supports warranties. In most cases, it is just as good to buy a reconditioned unit instead of an OEM dealer model.

Prices for Refurbished 4L30E Transmissions

PTG inventory is always complete and updated. New products are acquired and rebuilt on a regular basis. We deal directly with validated sources. This keeps our quality much higher. There is little to fear with builds that come from our warehouse. We are always a call away to discover pricing or to help any of our customers.

Through use of our dedicated portal, price information is found here. By including a valid year and manufacturer, any of our products can be explored for pricing. Support is also given through our fast and efficient phone system offline. No one should pay crazy prices for vintage GM parts.