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4R100 Transmission for Sale Used

Ford used its 4R100 as the primary transmission when sale of its diesel trucks took place in the USA. Between 1999 and the year 2003, hundreds of thousands of pickup trucks coupled with the 7.3 Powerstroke engine had the four-speed assemblies. While no longer being mass produced, you can locate a 4R100 transmission for sale used here at PTG.

MERCON fluid is the factory recommended type to use when flushing the oil pan. Most Ford Motor Company manuals suggest that a change is needed at 30,000 miles. Ask any good mechanic and he or she will tell you that changes should be made sooner. It is not uncommon for a fluid chance at 15,000 miles to help clean up the oil.

In some cases, when someone swaps out a gearbox a different pan can be installed. There are aftermarket pans that are deeper to allow more fluid to collect in the bottom. In simple terms, this keeps the temperature lower and decreases any type of overheating that can seriously damage the 4R100 automatic transmission assembly.

Salvage Four-Speed Gearboxes

The diesel powered 7.3 liter motor was regarded as a top performing unit at Ford. The reverse mounted 4R100 was the perfect fit to combine torque, power and dependability. An installed computer module is provided with every OEM build to provide better control over the shifting process. This change was one of many output by factory engineers.

PowertrainGuys.com is a complete salvage resource. To the average person, this might not seem that great. To an experienced automotive parts purchaser, it can mean the difference between achieving a good price or not. The recyclers and pull-a-part companies that are distributing inventory on sale here are located in the U.S.

One important thing to note for someone who swaps out a used 4R100 transmission is knowing the parts life span. The fuel pressure system can fail and cause the gearbox not to function. Sometimes, when a problem happens it has nothing to do with the assembly itself. The modules and sensors might not be working correctly.

Used Ford Transmission Prices

The four-speed longitudinal mounted gearboxes that are listed for ordering on this page are delivered quickly. Once the price has been established, a person has full reign over when the delivery can take place. A quote procedure is the system that PTG uses to calculate all pricing information. The diesel compatible assemblies and other parts that are listed as in stock are eventually delivered by selected partners.

The phone number listed is what to call if a person needs more assistance. It is not possible to write every single detail about each tranny that is in a partner warehouse. For the most part, we do a good job and introduce what is available to the public. Calling over-the-phone and speaking to a qualified rep is an excellent way to obtain all pertinent data about the used Powerstroke transmissions on sale.