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5.2 318 Engine for Sale

The 318 is a Dodge engine that was for sale in 5.2L displacement. With its first pressing in 1967, this block has been an award-winning assembly for Chrysler. Known as the LA base, this assembly has been a carburetor and throttle body injection motor. Finding a good secondary source to order a 5.2 318 engine for sale is not hard. Just use Powertrain Guys.

5.2 Liter Magnum Motor Life

Most of the installations have involved pickup trucks. When it is cared for, the cast iron block will last for a long time. It depends on the oil change frequency. OEM parts will eventually degrade, but these can be replaced. The potential for problems is higher with a used Dodge engine that has too many miles on it.

The specs include an 8.6 to 1 compression. It will take you about 5 quarts of motor oil to fill up the pan inside. The final year that Chrysler marketed the 5.2L was 2002. It was weeded out of the lineup in favor of a more modern V8. You can expect to receive about 260 horsepower in a well maintained assembly.

Where to Install the 318 V8

You can drop the 5.2 l Magnum motor into several vehicles. There are no mods that someone has to initiate for this to happen. The Ram, Dakota and Durango are configured for use. The most popular VIN numbers that this block is related to are the Y, T, Z and P numbers. All of these numbers can be matched with the 318 nomenclature.

Inventory taken out of our warehouse will include a warranty plan. This document will be a good thing to have if a component goes bad. You can order a 318 engine for sale online, but without a coverage option it is not too safe. There are dealers that are not honest with the public concerning condition of the assembly.

Prices for a Dodge 318 5.2 liter

No hidden charges or other fees are in our discount price. The sticker price is listed low for two reasons. The first is to ensure it is available not only to dealers but truck owners. The second is to build our company the old way. This happens through good prices and treating customers with respect. If you are paying too much elsewhere, you owe it to yourself to start paying less. Use the quote app here on this page.

Customer service professionals are the only adults answering our phone lines. This is not outsourced work. The same employee who speaks with you could crate your shipment. The second hand Dodge motors that we are selling are all in top shape. These are steam cleaned. It is possible we have rebuilt units on sale too. You need to inquire about this stock.