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5.3L L33 Engine for Sale

The L33 GM engine was built in 5.3L displacement in the 2005 year. It was for sale in the Sierra and Silverado pickup trucks. This build was a specialty type of V8 block that was similar in quality to the LS2. This piston-driven motor was built for a short time until full production of the 6.0-liter was made. A U.S. buyer can find 5.3L L33 engine for sale inventory directly on this page.

The GM L33 Engine: Specs and History

Only period of two years were granted for use of the L33 in Chevy and GMC trucks. The displacement of this build is approximately 5.3-liters. The configuration is an overhead valve model that was marketed publicly as the Vortec 5300 HO. “HO” is an abbreviation for high output. The truck brands that used this motor were limited to those that featured four-wheel drive.

The reason that HO was used to describe the 5.3 block is because the horsepower was upped to 315 hp. When buying any Chevy L33 engine for sale, this type information is what people search for. There are different varieties of the 5.3L V8. Knowing which one is which can eliminate error risks. Compared to the 4.3-liter V6, the L33 engine weight is a lot lower. The gross weight is approximately 433 pounds.

The ratio of engine compression was 10:0:1 in the GM 5.3L. This was due to the change in the cams that were used. The L33 should not be confused with the LM4 or the earlier L59 V8. These are all separate models that were used at different times for Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks in North America.

Where to Buy Chevy L33 Engines Online

There are usually several versions of the HO V8 block that can be found on sale on the web. The first is the rebuilt units. These are overhauled by private rebuilders that try to restore the full functionality of the block. The second type is known as a preowned model. This is what Powertrain Guys sells. The third type is the crate version. The Chevy 5.3 L33 crate engine is usually a custom build that is a lot more expensive.

There is an easier way to save money when buying any Generation III Chevrolet truck motor. The categorized system located on this website reveals all price levels. Anyone, regardless of the state in the USA, can make instant use of this tool. Not only are sale prices promoted, but what is found is a warranted block. Every V8 L33 used Chevy engine is sale priced and shipped out quick.