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5.4 Ford Lightning Engine for Sale

The Lightning pickup truck by Ford used a 5.4 liter motor. This block, called the Triton, has had a long development history. It is now featured in secondary market components inventories around the United States. The V8 block is known for being dependable. Powertrain Guys lets anyone buy a 5.4 Ford Lightning engine for sale here.

1999 to 2004 F150 Motors

The SVT trim benefited from the supercharged 5.4 liter V8. The block itself had a total of 16 valves in the housing. What this translates into is 2 valves for every one of the 8 cylinders. The total horsepower that could be achieved was a little different. The early editions had a 360 hp capability. A small improvement to 380 hp was available for the final years of the Lightning SVT trucks.

A 4R100 automatic transmission was the only option for the Triton V8. This edition was Ford’s go-to assembly. The four-speed reverse mounted design was perfect for the F-Series. The Special Vehicle Team moniker helped sell more of the F150 pickups. These vehicles were popular until the changeover to using diesel powered motors.

When to Swap the 5.4L

There are many reasons someone will have to swap their Triton V8 motor. The most common is the spark plug problem. Ford Motor Company even addressed this with a nationwide service bulletin. Although the plugs are hard to take out, it is not impossible for someone with a little experience. When the plugs go bad, the ignition coil can also suffer.

IAC valve failure was also quite common on the 5.4 2V engine. This was a dealership issue that was eventually remedied. Some truck owners were stalling at regular speeds. Belt tension problems and speed control failures can also happen. All of the used Ford Lightning engines for sale at this website have been verified to be error-free.

Prices for Used Triton Motors

Gasoline and a few diesel blocks are what are found in the PowertrainGuys.com inventory here. We are able to provide a real resource for the average consumer. No more paying a dealer or mechanic to find a used F150 motor for a cheap price. The best of the best junk yards that retail OEM components are who we tap for inventory.

Full and transparent price data can be reviewed online. The quote computer is a valuable tool usable with a smartphone or standard PC. Review what our sticker prices are for any F-Series engine or transmission today. Ordering is simple with the service phone number provided. It is certainly beneficial to speak with a product expert if you do not have a VIN number.