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5.7 Chevy Tahoe Engine for Sale

The 5.7 is one small-block engine type for sale in the Chevy Tahoe from 1992 to 1999. This build was first supplied as a throttle body injection motor. It was revamped when the Vortec series was improved. Since there are still scrap yards selling replacement parts, anyone using this website can get a 5.7 Chevy Tahoe engine for sale online.

The final year that General Motors built the Tahoe with a 5.7 liter engine inside was 1999. The horsepower in the early editions was a 200 hp rating. As developments improved the performance, SUV owners could reach 255 hp. It is common to find the 5.7 matched up with the 4L60E or 4L80E automatic transmission.

GMT Platform V8 Motors

GM produced the Chevrolet Tahoe and the GMC Yukon under what was coined the GMT 400 platform. This chassis style represented the highest sales figures every for a consumer sport utility vehicle. The current configuration of these vehicles is the GMT 900. A much larger V8 and a six-speed transmission are installed on these versions.

PowertrainGuys.com retails second hand products. Someone who does not have experience ordering these components should know the differences. A junk yard partner that we work with helps us find and pull out the 5700 Vortec engines. We inspect them and decide to acquire them or not.

A product warranty is what we attach to convince the public that what we provide is fair condition. There is no telling what a previous owner did to a block. Without making some visual inspections or evaluations, no dealer can accurately represent the condition of the used 5.7 Chevy motor for sale.

Prices for Used Chevy Tahoe Engines

The Tahoe is not the only vehicle brand we support from General Motors. The 5.7 liter block was also used in a number of pickup trucks and subsidiary vehicles. Anyone who has a direct need for one of these units can come here to review our sticker prices. We have an intelligent staff that works in our warehouse. These individuals known V8 parts and accessories.

PTG will get you a price quote online. Give us the exact details of your vehicle. We immediately get started reviewing our lowest prices. What we distribute to you is your final sale price. Do not buy a preowned 5.7 from an auction company until you take a look at what we offer. In most cases, we are much cheaper for the common person.

Automotive body shops and other personnel who order components can use our portal to shop. Each person pays the same regardless of the area of the country he or she resides. Commercial shipment rates are supplied as well as residential.